His Wife Loves The Taste Of Me

The title I chose for my submission doesn’t lie, it’s true his wife does love the taste of me. Some would call our relationship complicated but it makes perfect sense to us three. He lets me fuck his wife, she enjoys it and he gets off on it. Awesome, right?

He sits back and watches me do things to his wife he could never do, he watches her have the pleasure he could never give her. The set-up works for us, I am officially known as their ‘bull’ and his wife is smoking hot. She is something else, I love fucking her and meeting up with her, with or without her husband there.

When we took these pictures her husband was there, he decided to take them, he wanted to remember how humiliated he felt, which was fine by us.

His wife loves our meetings more than I have seen any other wife enjoy them. She really enjoys making her husband feel small and satisfying me and herself. She is my perfect type of woman but I just get to enjoy her body in its entirety without any of the other complications.

Her husband’s cock is much smaller than mine and she is sure to let him know that, teasing him about it and struggling to take my cock into her throat. It feels so good as she teases it with her tongue and splutters and coats it in her warm spit.

I love seeing her really try and take my cock, trying to please me and make her husband feel jealous. She is so good at it, her sweet warm lips encompassing my cock and making me tremble with desire makes me groan and growl out her name whether her husband is there or not.

She loves making sure I am satisfied, asking me what feels good and what else she can do. She lets me do anything and I love her for it.

Her husband leaning over me taking the photos as his wife was sucking my big cock, she kept telling me just how much she wanted me and just how wet she was for me all whilst ignoring her own husband who was right there.

They’re a young couple but they know what they wanted when we first met, he was a cuckold and she wanted to be a hotwife. They are living their own dream and I am living mine. Having his wife taste every inch of my cock and drool my pre-cum down her chin, now that’s living the dream.

She loves to be throat fucked, she loves gagging and being pushed to her limits and I love doing that for her. I make her play with her pussy or her tits as I push my cock in and out of her throat, feeling her cheeks and tongue tighten around my member.

I make her beg me for it, asking her to say “Please sir, fuck my throat with your big cock” hearing them words always gets me off. Her husband watches on as I penetrate her throat, my entire cock satisfied more with each thrust.

I knew I was close to coming and I wanted it to be a big load so I stopped her and told her to go slowly, to make her beg me for it again. Her husband told me once they had gone home that his wife was never as slutty as she was with me, I did things to her that he could never ever bring out.

The blowjobs are my favorite, they are so degrading which is what they both want most but I do fuck her too, and let me tell you, her pussy is like a pink, cute little clam, it’s so tight and it loves my cock too, it’s always so wet and ready for me whenever I ask for it.

She thinks I am making her beg me for my cock back in her throat when in reality it’s because I am so close to coming I need a quick breather to slow down my orgasm. She had brought me to the point without even knowing it a few times now and I knew my load was going to be a mouthful.

I told his wife to take my cock as far down as it would go, no stopping. She nodded and obliged, her sweet mouth around my cock, taking every inch, looking at me as she did it. I made her take off her dress too, I love seeing her legs spread, her bald pussy begging for me.

She began spluttering on my cock but stayed there, keeping it right at the back of her throat. I bent down to squeeze her breasts and she moaned as I did so, she was so desperate for me that it was kinda sweet.

I couldn’t control my orgasm, it just started coming thick and fast and she moaned as I filled up the back of her throat with my cum. She made all of the right noises to keep my cum coming, she wanted to taste me and lick me all up.

She let my cum ooze from her mouth, there was so much of it. She said, “Mmm you taste so good, I love you cum, thank you”. She licked my cock clean before licking her own lips and moaning again as she tasted the remnants of my cum.

Seeing her with my load dripping down her face and onto her perky sweet breasts was a sight I will never forget. Her husband taking photos as she behaved like such a slut. Knowing her cum would start drying on her body as they went home together.

She is one incredible woman, I love using her up and knowing how much she wants me. This time I told her there wasn’t time to fuck her, she would just have to wait until our next meeting and she was very sad at the idea, pleading with me and begging me to fuck her but I just left.

Her husband sent me these pictures, later on, I asked and they are both totally fine with them being on here. I love having these for my own personal collection, they are great material and I love reminding her of what she does to me.


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