His Wife Asked If She Could Join Us For A Night – Part One

I don’t think there are many of us that would turn down this opportunity. An attractive, normal couple comes asking for a favor and you and your wife only want to help out especially when you have done the favour before, am I right?

Well, my wife and I are no strangers to swinging and so when our friends approached us and asked us if his wife could join in for some foreplay, they wanted to slowly dip their toes into what we do and we were more than happy to oblige. Of course, we ran them through everything and gave them great insight into the realities of swinging but it didn’t deter them and before we knew it we were introducing a brand new couple into the illustrious world of swinging. My wife was so excited and so was I and when Abi turned up, we couldn’t contain ourselves and all three of us got straight into the action, bursting this little swinging newbies virginity.

Abi is in the red (the little brunette), she was so confident and that just made our time with her even better because she was horny and eager.

My wife and Abi were lost in exploring one another, their kisses passionate and sensual. You could tell that both of these women had fantasized about this moment together a lot.

Abi’s forwardness surprised me, she was a natural with women and I could see from my wife’s body language how wet and horny she was just by kissing and fondling Abi.

The girls were making me rock hard, I had seen my wife with plenty of women but Abi was different, she had never done this before and her husband had dropped her off, eager for us to enjoy his wife.

The girls began getting each other undressed and I finally got to see Abi’s cute pierced nipples, I had seen them through her shirt plenty of times but seeing them out of the confines of cotton they looked so seductive.

My wife and Abi brushed one another’s bodies with soft arousing and tantalizing strokes, fondling and squeezing one another’s plump breasts.

When finally my wife guided Abi over to my cock and the two girls began going down on me.

No matter how many times I have been swinging and had two women go down on me, still, nothing beats it, it’s a feeling like no other.

My wife guided Abi on what to do and she quickly got into the swing of it. I knew at that moment what a lucky man her husband was if she gives blowjobs this good.

The girls hungrily shared my cock between them, licking and sucking on it with their soft hungry lips.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them both as they blew me. My cock tingled with astounding arousal, both my wife and Abi were treating my cock like the best thing they had ever tasted and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Knowing Abi had never done this before was something else entirely and I knew she was going to make a great swinger and I was sure her husband would too.

When suddenly Abi blew my mind more than she already was, between sucks and licks she said: “I didn’t realize your cock was so big”, whilst making eye contact with me, my wife winked at me and I just smiled at Abi, telling her what a good job she was doing.

My balls were full, I was ready to blow my load. I couldn’t resist letting Abi and my wife taste my cum together.

My wife obviously noticed and said: “Why don’t you let our new friend taste your cum?”.

“Mmmm…yeah! I want that!”, Abi said, looking at me straight in the eyes. I tossed my camera down and ran my fingers through the girl’s hair and chose Abi’s mouth to face fuck. My wife kissed my shaft as I pushed it deep into Abi’s throat, her eyes watering. My wife ran her hands over Abi’s body, pulling on her nipple piercings and finding her fingers between her legs. I felt Abi’s tongue swirling around my shaft and in that moment I began to blow my load, filling Abi’s throat with my seed, she swallowed it all up and wiped her mouth with the back of her as I pulled my dribbling cock from her throat. Both women giggled and began kissing one another and I left them to it.

I knew Abi was a natural swinger and this evening wasn’t over just yet.


  1. would love for this to happen to us. my wife’s friend is so attractive and i know she would make an amazing swinger, i daydream about her all the time

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