His girlfriend after I’ve stretched her out

I am a recently divorced man, I was with my wife for over 20 years and the last 4 of those were miserable. We didn’t have sex, we didn’t really talk to one another and we should have ended things sooner. In the last 6 months before we broke up, I met an incredible young woman, she was working at my local coffee shop, paying for her masters, and earning money at the same time.

She always caught my eye, her juicy breasts practically bursting out of the seams of her work shirt, her perfect body being hugged by her dull, brown uniform. I could barely take my eyes off of her whenever I went in and I soon found myself visiting the coffee shop more and more often just to catch a glimpse of her.

We always exchanged small talk, she seemed to like me and in one mad moment I asked her if she wanted to join me for a coffee sometime and she agreed with a big smile on her face.

We met downtown, I was still with my wife then and I didn’t want anyone we knew seeing me. We met on a Friday afternoon, her hair was loose, she was wearing a cute pink summer dress, and seeing her out of that uniform was setting orgasmic fireworks off in my cock. She looked amazing and I couldn’t think straight when talking to her, she was mesmerizing. Intelligent, stunning and she obviously had a thing for the older gentleman.

We talked for hours before exchanging phone numbers and parting ways and after that, we talked every day over text and began meeting for coffee a few times per week. With each meeting it was more and more there was the obvious sexual tension between us, I was undressing her with my eyes and she was really into me too. The catch was she already had a boyfriend but she opened my eyes up to a whole new world, one where I would be the boss, or as you may know it, a bull.

I booked a hotel outside of a town one weekend and it was the first time I saw her naked. Remembering that evening sends shivers around my body, as she peeled off her dress, standing there completely naked for me, feeling her juicy breasts and her wet sweet pussy for the first time, having her touch my cock and ride me, it will forever be etched into my memory.

She didn’t lose interest and after and told me I had the makings of becoming an incredible bull. We began meeting every weekend, making love and exploring one another’s bodies. Our 'relationship' has blossomed and whilst we have kept it a secret from my wife, we still fall into one another’s arms whenever we can. I take her out all of the time, I get to show her off, touch her in public, and enjoy her sweet body. I love when she doesn’t wear panties under her dresses, I feel her body and know she is completely free under her dress, she sits across from me in restaurants and I steal glances under her dress, it’s so arousing and an experience I had never had before. The best part is it's just sex and fun dates there's no jealous boyfriend or ex-lover because he knows all about it and wants us to do it.

One evening we took some photos, she has a bit of a kink for size and she likes me to stretch her out and tell her how my big cock is going to stretch her little pussy. I had never heard of this kink before but she told me it was really common for this generation and community and she wanted me to capture it for her so that when we were apart she could remember it and that’s what I am sharing with you all today, so we hope you enjoy it!

I got a ‘before’ of her cute pussy, she is so tight, much tighter than my wife was. Her pussy is also so inviting, I could stare at it all day if she would ket me.

I would say I have a pretty decent sized dick, she told me she had never had bigger when we first had sex and she has really boosted my confidence. My wife used to shrug it off and when she did touch me she was disgusted by my erection, my girl now gets turned on by it.

I must agree, although I didn’t understand the ‘stretching out’ kink or the cuckolding kink I get it now, and seeing her like this all raw and fucked, it makes a lot of sense. I love fucking her however she likes it, fast, slow, whatever she wants. She moans pretty loudly, something my wife never did, and hearing her sweet voice moan into the stillness of the room is music to my ears.

As shameful as it sounds, her breasts were something I couldn’t stop fantasizing about when I first saw her in the coffee shop. They are much bigger than her petite frame, juicy, round, and, totally natural. I love seeing them bounce as I fuck her and playing with them whenever I get the chance.

She lives with her boyfriend but he loves it when I go round there, fucking at her place just makes our lives easier. I love this shot that I got, I asked her how she wanted it and all she said was “Harder”.

She can squirt, which is insane to me as my wife refused to even talk about things like that. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but if I fuck her in just the right way it can happen and I love it. She has sent me pictures and videos before of her squirting, this was when I was still with my wife and I remember masturbating myself to sleep for many nights over them pictures.

I’ve told her time and time again I love a woman with a bush, au natural and free but she isn’t so keen. Do you like a woman with a bush too?

I was so close to cumming I had to pull out, I got this really great shot of her stretched out pussy, she loved it and she was begging for me to do it again.

I needed to cum so badly but she wanted me to keep on fucking her, I shut my eyes and I pushed myself back inside of her soaking wet tight pussy. She moaned louder, my cock filling her up. She told me not to stop, the sentence that can make any man cum, I listened to her and I kept my orgasm in as I kept on thrusting into her tight body and she began to cum, deep, hard waves of pleasure washed over her as she screamed out. Her juices flowing down my cock, her body trembling.

I stopped as soon as she was done with her orgasm, I needed a second to recover because one wrong move and I would have cum inside of her, something we haven’t done yet. Once she had calmed down, I got her onto all fours to get some pictures of her stretched out pussy from behind.

It looks all red and fucked and although stretched for my cock at the time, it goes straight back to being a tight hole within minutes.

She also tells me that anal is all the rage now but I am still not sure, my wife wouldn’t even talk about her ass let alone anal sex. I really want to do it with her but she has never done it before and I want it to be perfect. Perhaps I could videotape it for you all to see?

After them last pictures I couldn’t hold onto my orgasm any longer, I had to cum. I let out my cum onto her face, again, something my wife refused to try, coating her sweet face with my sperm and watching her as she enjoyed every drop.

This girl is incredible, I am so glad I decided to head on into that coffee shop or I would never have met her or her boyfriend.

I am going to explore this new kink that I have found and hopefully, I can continue playing with her for a long time to come. Do any veteran bulls have any advice for me?

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