What Happens In Vegas…Stays On The Sheets

We go to vegas once a year, we spare no expense and we really let ourselves go, no friends know the real reason we go to Vegas, we meet strangers and meet up with people we have met the year before and we really let our hair down.

Now, you may be thinking why are they so secretive about going to Vegas? Well, we live in a very small town and we enjoy the finer things in life, such as swinging. You may have already guessed that swinging would be a big no-no where we are from, so sadly we have to wait for moments like these.

This is our fuel for the whole year, we basically just relive these two weeks again and again throughout the entire year watching the videos and looking at the pictures that we took and whilst reminiscing and realizing that we couldn’t go this year due to COVID-19 we came across last years album and figured why not share our pictures with some likeminded individuals.

It’s a lot different from what we usually get up to at this time of year but, you have to try everything, right?

My name is Addison and my husband is called Hank. We are adventurous, I guess you could call us quite rebellious for where we are from and we love Las Vegas. We loved swinging even before we were married so it wasn’t something that just crept up on us it was something we just had to work around being where we are from. We found that Las Vegas allowed us to never see anyone we ever knew and it gave us a vacation excuse every single year without arousing any suspicion from family members and friends.

Sometimes we meet the same people from the year before and sometimes we find new people to swing with. Last year we met a new guy, one we had spoken to a few times online and arranged to meet. We met him in one of the casinos and got talking, he was great and we instantly hit it off. He came back to our hotel room and none of us messed around, we got straight into the action. My husband got undressed first and then our new toyboy did too, leaving me in just my sheer lingerie.

I was so excited to be back doing what we both loved that I didn’t even hesitate when I started sucking his cock, I didn’t notice how big it was until it was inside of my mouth. I spluttered a little on it and gasped for breath, he didn’t look this hung in the pictures. My hubby began taking pictures and setting his camera up, this one was definitely going into the album.

I got to my knees and began sucking on his long, hard dick. His balls soft under my hand as I gently squeezed them as I sucked and licked at his throbbing cock. My husband was standing next to him, his dick in his hand, masturbating watching me with this toyboy.

My husband pulled off my lingerie and my toyboy groped my breasts, squeezing my puffy nipples before rubbing his thumb along my wet pussy. Feeling his soft thumb against my clit sent a shiver around my body, I was very turned on. My hubby stood back, masturbating watching as this toyboy entered me for the first time. He moaned as he felt my pussy contracting against his thick cock and I moaned too, being filled up by his raw, throbbing cock.

We then changed positions, he sat down and pulled me on top of him so that I could ride him. He bit down on my breasts, my nipples between his teeth being flicked by his soft wet tongue.

He then pushed me onto all fours before pushing his throbbing cock inside of me. I felt my husband’s hand brush against my ass cheek before spanking it with his free hand, I cried out with pleasure and my toyboy thrust faster into me. I reached between my legs and began playing with my clit, I wanted even more pleasure and I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me, ready to blow.

I had warned my new toyboy that I could squirt and as I felt the sensation building, my husband spanked my ass once more and my orgasm came squirting out of me, my knees trembling, I struggled to keep myself upright as I coated my toyboys cock in my cum. I heard my husband groan, he had come too.

Bless him, my poor toyboy couldn’t take it, he had to cum too. Feeling me coming all over his cock was too much for him as he got me onto my knees once again and let his cum come pouring out of his long cock and all over my face and tits.

His cum just kept on coming, it was so warm and delicious as it coated me and made me glisten under the dusky vegas hotel light.

We all cleaned up and headed back down to the casinos, it was a fantastic evening but the next day was going to be a quest to find a couple for us to play with. I wanted to feel some pussy on my lips and for my husband to have a new woman to play with.

I can’t wait to go back again next year, if you’re in the area, why not hit us up?

Addison and Hank. <3


  1. my wife and i are planning to head to vegas next spring. I am a cuck, she would love to join you guys

  2. Know what you mean about living in a small town, it can be tough to find people in our lifestyle. Never thought about Vegas before but the wife and I have decided to do it in the next two years. Looking forward to it, she is a very sexual mature lady who loves a good time.

  3. Love the naughty clit piercing, very sexy.

  4. Very nice. I’m a hotwife and going to Vegas is like a candy store for me and bulls, my cuck hubby loves seeing me have so much fun there.

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