Having Some Fun With My Bored Wife – What do you think?

My wife Gen has lately been bringing up a few of her unexplored fantasies. We were really bored during locked down but it forced us to really talk about what we want to complete sexually. One of those has been having a threesome, we have discussed it at great lengths and it really seems like something that we both really want to do.

We have been strictly monogamous for many years now so making that jump is going to be a big step but I think we are finally ready. Gen wanted a woman, (I think they are called ‘Unicorns’?) which of course, I am more than happy with and today sharing these pictures with you, this is just our first step in gaining some more confidence and feeling what it’s like to be shared in a different way.

My wife Gen is very fit, active, and loves soaking up the sunrays. She is a massive flirt but that is was attracted to her in the first place. We only got married two years ago and we are in our late twenties. This is the first time either of us has ever done anything like this so please be kind!

It took some time for my wife to get comfortable in front of the camera, we took a lot of test shots.

Gen opted for a sexy lingerie set that I picked out a few months earlier, she looked amazing.

I hoped she would wear this on the night of our threesome, what do you think?

Gen began separating her legs for the camera, she was getting more and more turned on the more she realized how much she was turning me on.

Looking at her ass and pussy like this was sending me into overdrive, I wanted to pound myself into her right then but we needed to get some shots of her like this first.

We were thinking about putting these pictures onto our online threesome dating profile, do you think they’re good enough?

I know any man or woman that gets to enjoy Gen with me is going to love her, I just can’t wait, I fantasize about it practically every waking minute ever since she first brought it up.

Gen mentioned also inviting a man into the bedroom if our female threesome goes well and although many men don’t like the idea, for me, the idea of two of us pounding away at my wife is such a turn on. Would you join? We are based in Michigan.

My wife’s tight ass and phenomenal pussy would make any man want to fill her up with his cum and deposit his load deep inside of her womb.

Gen is bisexual by nature and I know whether it was a man fucking her senseless or a woman making her cum as no man can, she would enjoy herself.

If you hadn’t noticed, Gen loves to sunbathe naked, she has no tan lines and I love that but our neighbor does too. He constantly watches her out of the window and I get the feeling that Gen loves it too.

He is much older than Gen but I know he must fantasize about her, he can never maintain eye contact with me, and well, if I am honest, seeing her outside of your window, how could you resist touching yourself?

I know Gen does it on purpose, teases him and makes him want her. She gets off on it although she has never admitted this to me I am sure she will now that I have announced the world.

My wife loves to be fucked in this position, it gives me great access to not just her pussy but her ass too, sliding my fingers or cock inside of her however I please makes her so wet.

I have a really dirty fantasy, one that Gen knows about. I fantasize about her being in the center of a bukkake, being fucked by all of these men, and then having their cum deposited onto her. I don’t know why I love the idea so much, but I do.

Aren’t her tits incredible? I could just suck on them all day long.

Gen is such a cock tease, I love her for it but boy does she make my balls ache.

I hope you liked our pictures, taking them Gen gained a lot of confidence, and seeing how excited she was sharing them here, I just know a threesome is next on the cards for us.

What do you think of her? Would you join us?

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