Happy Anniversary To My Wife

Hello, everyone, I’m a photographer and I’d like to submit pictures of my wife’s last threesome.

Backstory: My wife and I are into the lifestyle (swinging) and have been for a few years. There came a point where we weren’t getting any younger and instead of watching our sex life fall to bits we decided to start swinging.

There were ups and downs, different learning experiences, but we’ve got to a point where we love each other more than ever before and we love the life we have.

We usually swing with other couples and occasionally have a solo male or female join us. Today wasn’t about that, today was about letting my wife experience two men while I watch and take some photos.

You would think this would be insane, sharing your wife with two other men, but after you see sex as an experience and not as breaking trust, it’s actually really hot to see your partner having a good time sexually.

It starts with her training before they arrive.

Side Note: We have blurred my wife’s face as you can imagine what it would be like if our friends and family found out about this.

So, the day my wife had been waiting for was here, we actually spent the whole day giddy, laughing, and with that nervous excitement.

She went and brought some new lingerie and spent what felt like the whole day getting ready.

I think that’s part of the fun to her, she enjoys being the center of attention and loves the build-up.

The guys we chose are friends of ours and we’ve played with them before, knowing this, I went down on my wife and got her warmed up.

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a big dick without foreplay and to be on the safe side she got her favorite dildo and gave it a few thrusts, to make sure she was ready.

She was ready! I’m not sure if these pictures do it justice but this dildo is BIG and she was taking most of it inside her.

We moved to the bed and I went down on her some more and we started getting her butt ready.

She’s always dreamed of double penetration and tonight was going to be the night.

Top Tip: If you’re planning this make sure you do what we did and warm up every hole before anyone arrives, it makes everything easier and more pleasurable.

So, that’s what we did, we warmed up her butt with dildo.

I couldn’t resist a little play before they arrived, so I set the camera up and did a few deep loving thrusts. She was so ready and it was so attractive feeling her wet, welcoming pussy and feeling what her lovers were about to feel.

The were here and after a little talking they got to playing.

My wife, gave him a blowjob to start.

It’s hard to get over the size of him. I’m not gay, but I can appreciate a nice cock and I could tell my wife was excited to have him inside her.

The moment was here, she arched her back like a cat and he put himself inside. She was so wet he just slid himself in. I’ll never forget her deep breathing and moans.

He fucked her in doggy style till she orgasmed, it’s weird seeing your wife become another man’s play toy, on one hand, it’s the biggest turn on and on the other, it creates a kind of sexual jealousy that’s actually quite enjoyable.

Then the next guy joined in and she was sucking the guy who was in her cock and letting the other one try her out.

Then the moment of truth, she took both of them inside her at the same time.

It took some awkward positions and a few mess-ups, but pop, they were both in and her moans became deafening.

She was gone, putty in their hands.

This is one of my favorite pictures, he was all sweaty and she was taking both of them and making all kinds of noises. She couldn’t catch her breath and she was quivering from the double pleasure.

I stopped at this point and started jerking off, it was too erotic for me not to have my full attention.

It went on for at least 30 minutes and then my wife laid on her back with both of them above her and this happened.

She was so happy and completely exhausted, their cum was dripping down her mouth and all over her face.

Everyone had a little moment, then my wife disappeared to the bathroom, and me and the other guys kind of sat in awkward silence while they were getting changed.

Once she came back, it snapped back to normal, we all had a hug and said our goodbyes, and then me and my wife took a shower together.

The next morning: We had coffee and we both had a chat, she talked about how it was a big thing off her bucket list and that she would love to try it again. She told me about how sore her butt and pussy were and we went on to have sex a few times that day thinking about the night before, as you can imagine that just made her ache even more.

These images, along with loads I didn’t upload are now part of my private collection and I jerk off to them all the time. We are planning to make some more, but there was something so special and fresh about these ones. This threesome was in the making for months and it all went so well and that’s something that adds to these images of my wife.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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