Had A Holiday Romance With Another Couple

We are young swingers who enjoy lots of fun whenever we can get it. We like to enjoy lots of leisure on vacation and head to places where we know we are likely to meet people like us. We enjoy swinging with people from all walks of life, we have had fun with people our own age, older than us, and even people triple in age to us!

Age doesn’t come into it when we meet a couple we like, it’s all about the vibes and how much sexual chemistry we have.

We met a couple on vacation who were around the same age as us, they approached us as we sat in the shade cooling off and just introduced themselves. We got along instantly and we both gave each other a look that said: “Wow, this couple is smoking hot”.

That very night we headed out for some dinner together and ended up back in our hotel room. It was just some casual fun, we made out, some heavy petting occurred and that was it, they left and we decided to meet up again the next day and that’s when things got wild.

After a morning in the sunshine, soaking up the sunrays the couple asked if we would like a drink back in their room. We were more than eager after the night before and things got intense pretty quickly.

We all began making out and when I glanced up I noticed his girlfriend giving a sensual massage to her boyfriend. She looked really hot in her little bikini rubbing him down and removing his swimming shorts.

My girlfriend and I were making out watching them, they looked super hot.

She also seemed to be actually great at giving massages, by the sounds he was making he was enjoying himself a lot!

I wanted to swap positions with him but I knew I wanted to also enjoy the show.

My girlfriend pulled my cock from my swimming shorts as we watched on.

She began stroking my cock, slowly, her grip firm around my shaft.

I squeezed her breasts through her beach cover-up as we watched this hot couple getting intimate with one another.

It was like peeking inside of a very intimate moment that nobody gets to see.

“He has a bad back you see”, she suddenly said smiling at us. She looked at my cock and bit her lip, smiling at me.

Slowly she peeled off her bikini top and posed for my camera.

Her boyfriend lay there, face down in the sheets as my girlfriend and I took in this woman’s phenomenal body.

“Stop being a little slut and get back here”, her boyfriend said and we all laughed.

He flipped onto his back and she grabbed hold of his cock, my mouth was hanging open, as was my girlfriends.

Suddenly my girlfriend left my side and walked around the bed and began stroking this phenomenal-looking woman.

My eyes were wide watching the trio, his cock bulging and growing harder seeing my girlfriend stroking his.

The two girls began making out and no matter how old I get, that will always be incredibly sexy to me seeing two women kissing.

Their lips danced together as they rubbed one another’s bodies softly.

Seeing the two girls posing next to one another was making my cock bulge and pulsate with desire.

We both watched our girlfriends fondle one another and before I knew it, my girlfriend had slipped her cover-up off.

Seeing these two beautiful women next to one another was heavenly!

They rubbed one another’s bodies as they kissed and we both watched them, in awe.

I rubbed at my cock, my strokes becoming faster with each passing moment.

Our beautiful girlfriends were lost in the moment, loving the taste of one another’s tongues.

Suddenly my girlfriend reached out and began jerking the guy off, his thick shaft gripped by her hand, the other tracing over his girlfriend’s body.

The two girls began going down on this hung man, my girlfriend, encouraged by his, was the first to start licking and sucking on his meat.

I jerked myself off as they played with his cock, his hands rubbing over my girlfriend’s ass.

His girlfriend played with her own pussy as my girlfriend sucked on this man’s cock.

The girls kissed on his cock before taking turns sucking on it.

It never gets old seeing my girlfriend going down on another man.

Seeing his cock disappear into his throat, seeing her struggle with his size, it’s magnificent to me.

I usually jump straight in on the action but on this day I was having the best time just watching it all unfold.

When his girlfriend began going down on mine, I almost nutted.

She moaned softly, her mouth filled with another man’s cock.

I watched on as she spluttered all over his meat.

All as his girlfriend ate mine out, sucking on her open wet pussy.

The noises of them suck and licking one another filled my ears and it was outstanding.

Teasingly his girlfriend spread my girlfriend open as she was going down on his cock still.

“Your girlfriend is so tight and wet, are you ready to see her get fucked?”, his girlfriend asked me with a glint of curiosity and lust in her eyes.

I nodded, squeezing my girlfriend’s ass before stepping back to get the best view as I jerked myself to this magnificent situation.

I watched as my girlfriend straddled this hung, young man and began riding his cock.

His girlfriend stood masturbating watching them, just like me.

We watched on breathlessly as our partners fucked one another right in front of us.

Hearing the slaps of his balls against my girlfriend with each thrust inside of her was all I could focus on.

He exclaimed to us all about how tight she was and my girlfriend moaned harder.

I stroked my cock faster as I watched his big cock disappearing and then remerging out of her again and again.

I didn’t capture his girlfriend on her knees in front of me, using three fingers inside of herself as she sucked on the tip of my cock.

It felt incredible, her lips wrapped around me, licking off all of the pre-cum that had poured from my cock.

They changed positions and his girlfriend wanted in.

He slid his cock in and out of my girlfriend and licked and sucked on her small, erect nipples.

I had to ignore my cock for a few minutes because my balls were tight and I knew I was going to cum if I didn’t stop.

He fucked my girlfriend vigorously, making her moan without any hesitation.

His girlfriend then went down on my girlfriend, licking at her soaked pussy.

Her tongue circled and sucked on her clit.

Before resting against her boyfriend’s shaft making him shiver with pleasure.

I watched them going at it for some time before they changed positions and finally it was his girlfriend’s turn to get railed.

His cock slid right inside of her, thanks to all of the finger fucking she had been doing.

My girlfriend played with them both as they fucked and his girlfriend let out the sweetest moans.

Usually, I would have to have jumped in and gotten my cock wet but there was something so erotic about just watching these three going at it.

Before I knew it my girlfriend was back riding this hunk

As his girlfriend lay back and fingered herself to orgasm, her creamy fingers and pussy soaking the sheets.

He rubbed his girlfriend’s nipples as she came down from her orgasm as my girlfriend was grinding and riding this man as if her life depended on it. She began to cum and her entire body trembled with ecstasy and as she pulled herself from his cock, that too was covered in her creamy cum. She got to her knees as he stood up and both girls jerked him off.

His girlfriend uttered words of enthusiasm at them both and I began to cum as I watched them all together like that.

His girlfriend held back my girlfriend’s hair as she slurped and sucked on his thick meat.

When he began to cum too, filling her mouth up with his huge load.

My girlfriend took it all, swallowing every drop down her throat.

She flashed me a smile as she took the last drops of his big load.

It was surreal, we all got to cum and although I didn’t get involved I have to say it was one of the most erotic and intense swinger experiences I have ever had.


  1. wow!!! so fucking hot. Wish we could meet you guys on vacation

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