First Time Ever Sharing Anything Like This

I finally did it!

I got my boyfriend to take pictures of my bull and I whilst we were fucking. I was so nervous to actually put our pictures out there but I knew it was going to be such an amazing thing to look back on.

Some of the shots that he took aren’t the best, it’s hard to take good pictures while you’re as horny as he was and plus, he obviously isn't a photographer.

I couldn’t decide what to wear and in the end, I decided to dress-up and settled for a naughty short tartan skirt and red bra. My cuck boyfriend loves seeing me in this and I knew it would make him even more excited when he saw me with my bull wearing this.

My boyfriend knows that my bull gets to touch my pussy whenever he wants but he needs to kiss me first. Making out makes me so wet and he knows it, I like him to know just how turned on I am at all times.

After a few minutes of him running his hands around my body and kissing me, I was ready and I let him slid a finger inside my wet throbbing pussy.

I was so wet and his finger felt so good inside of me.

I asked him to put a second finger inside my tight little pussy, I wanted to feel full and I wanted my boyfriend to see how much my pussy could take.

He was pushing his long fingers inside of my pussy touching my g-spot with each thrust inside of me with his fingers.

I then asked him to get down on the floor so I could sit on his face.

I love sitting on his face, it feels so good.

I was a horny mess, so I asked if he would lick my ass (something my boyfriend isn't allowed to do to me), he obliged and I looked at my boyfriend who was a quivering cuck watching me get eaten out by this fantastic man.

I got onto all fours with my ass in the air and he licked my ass and pussy until I would do anything that he asked.

He then pushed two fingers inside of my pussy and one in my ass, which by the way is still too tight for his cock but we are trying.

He was rubbing the fingers inside of my pussy with the finger in my ass, I felt an orgasm building and as I grabbed hold of the back of the sofa I came and squirted all over his hands all whilst my boyfriend watched on.

It didn’t stop there, as a treat I gave him a blowjob.

I got every inch of him down my throat.

He came inside my mouth and I sucked every last drop out of his cock and swallowed it all up, a treat reserved for my bull only.

This is the first time I’ve ever shared anything like this.

I wasn’t happy with how some of the pictures looked, but I just wanted to send it in, as did my cuck boyfriend.

What do you think? Thanks to everyone in advance <3


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