Denying My Orgasm – The Ultimate Cuckold Tease

Some men may recoil at the idea of being denied their orgasm but for me, it’s better than sex, I love it, and being teased again and again is just sensational for me.

It can be hard to understand but being denied that pleasure is a powerful experience and when you finally do cum (if you cum!) the orgasm is 10x better than it ever would have been. My wife and I are luckily extraordinarily compatible in the bedroom and we know one another’s bodies inside out. She can satisfy me in a way other women have never been able too and vice versa.

She is really attractive, her body is jaw-dropping and she makes my body feel so good, she has the best pussy I have ever come across. My wife loves to tease me and gets off on me being a cuckold, a man unworthy of orgasms, pleasure, or even sex.

No other woman I have been with understands the teasing process and the orgasm denial aspect of cuckolding as she does, she just gets it and knows how to really make me happy. She also loves doing it and gets off on the domination side of things.

The last time we fucked I asked if we could take some pictures, I figured it would be pretty kinky and she was 100% up for the idea, ever the show off she positioned the camera and we began shooting. Our pictures and little videos are amateur, but it’s the best we could get and I am very happy with them.

She gets my cock straight out and starts jerking me off, she gets me all hard and turned on and then the magic begins. This time she started with a tit job, I love her tits, I always have, they are just perfect and sliding my cock in between her breasts and feeling the firmness of them caressing my cock feels so great.

She uses her body to slide her tits up and down my cock, nestling him in between, I feel her nipples graze along my body and her pussy resting against my leg, it could be enough to make me cum but she and I know this is going to go on for much longer than that.

She doesn’t usually get undressed like this but for the camera, she wanted to show off a little and I wasn’t complaining. Seeing her tight body in that little thing did things to me and it just added to the teasing of it all, knowing she wouldn’t let me near her pussy or her ass until I was practically begging.

My cock was rock solid and she knew exactly how to get it even harder, teasing me into a frenzy.

Rarely women can jerk us guys off as well as we can do it ourselves but this woman is an exception to that rule. She is better than me and her hands feel like pure heaven around my cock, she knows when to speed up and slow down when to grip and when to be loose.

She was teasing her mouth over the tip of my cock, inching slowly so that her tongue almost just the tip but she didn’t let it. My cock was twitching, begging her silently for her mouth but she wasn’t having any of it and it worked me up even more.

This part always got me the most, feeling her pussy through her panties rubbing up against my cock, knowing she was getting off on the feeling of me rubbing against her clit and knowing she wouldn’t let me inside of her.

At this point, I was practically on my knees begging: “Please…please fuck me”, she laughed at my desperation and continued rubbing her pussy over my aching cock.

This was one of those times where I had to do everything within my power not to cum. “Do you like that?” she said “Do you like watching me touching my little pussy? You can’t touch it, you know that right? You just have to watch me playing with myself, you’re not worth enough to touch me. Mmmm it feels soo good” she said to me. I could see how wet she was and trust me when I say all I wanted was to pull her down and fuck her but the denial is what we both love.

She stayed like that for a while, rubbing her clit and jerking me off at the same time. My pre-cum was beginning to drip out of me, she was so good at this. Denying my orgasm was so hard but I knew I had to do it.

She stepped out of her little black panties and teased me further by showing off her perfect ass and pussy, that view is better than any in this world and I wasn’t allowed to touch it.

She sat ontop of me and began rubbing my cock against her wet pussy, parting her lips with my shaft and rubbing herself up and down.

It felt incredible, her pussy was so wet as it slid up and down my shaft. She teased it by pretending she was going to push my cock inside of her but didn’t. This was by far one of the hardest moments of my life, her denying me my orgasm like that as my pre-cum leaked from me, it was like being on a movie set.

She was really getting off as my shaft stimulated her clit, she moaned and I could do nothing but lay there with my mouth open, my cock desperate beyond words to cum and my body in awe of this woman’s teasing skills.

I love to be teased and she loves teasing me but when we fuck she cums like a whore, she tells me I am the only person who can make her cum like that. Her pussy is my favorite and just seeing it like that, pink and swollen was doing things to me that I can’t explain.

“Wouldn’t you just love my tight, wet, pink pussy sliding down your cock right now?… Well, guess what? you can’t have it, your cock is too tiny” she said, biting her lip.

She began jerking me off again, denying me my orgasm and playing with herself, she was clearly struggling to not just break the rules and fuck me and get herself off too. Seeing her like that wasn’t helping in my goal of not cumming but the teasing was one of our best yet.

“You’re so hard! I bet you’re so desperate to cum, aren’t you? How many times have you almost cum? 5? 6?” she said mischievously. It was true, I had almost cum 6 times, gripping onto her body and begging her to stop because I was going to blow my load.

I said nothing, I didn’t have any words, all I could focus on her touching my cock and seeing her beautiful body in front of me.

She spat all over my cock and then began jerking me off just how I like it, I was eager and desperate beyond belief to cum. She said to me “Tell me when you’re going to cum, okay? I have a special surprise for you”.

Just as I was about to blow I told her and what did she do?

She stopped.

She stopped jerking my cock, she just let it flop down onto my stomach and she stopped.

She looked at me as I lay there, my body trembling, my cock twitching.

“What are we going to do with you? Pathetic cuck. I’m going out to meet a real man”, she said before standing up and getting her clothes, leaving me half-naked, sore and hopeless.

This was definitely our best orgasm denial yet.


  1. I played along with her and it felt so good knowing what a pathetic cuck I was as I came.

  2. I am a cuck, you’re right, there’s no way I could last with you doing that, I couldn’t even last reading it…

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