Day At The Beach

I have been sitting on these photos for quite some time now. It was a wild summer, one I will never forget. My wife and I were heading out to the beach one day, we spend a lot of the time at the beach in the summer, we had found a really secluded area, one we never saw another soul on. We loved it there, spending long summer days there, basking in the sunshine and cooling off in the sea.

As the weeks went by we decided to get naked, sunbathing with nothing on, it felt naughty, kinky and I loved seeing my wife’s body on the beach, glistening in the sunshine and sparkling under the sand.

Going to that beach was our secret escape and we loved every second of being there.

One day we decided to invite a good friend along, someone we both knew really well. He was always hanging out at our house, vibing with us both, and being a genuinely great friend. We asked him to hang out with us, at our secret beach and he came along happily.

We spent the day chilling out, enjoying the picnic my wife had packed and sipped on cool drinks. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and just by looking at the way my wife was looking at me I knew she was horny and I couldn’t wait to fuck her later that night.

That was until it all changed.

My wife and I started making out, my friend was busy taking pictures of the sea and my wife and I were getting passionate with one another. I could feel my wife’s tongue slipping in and out of my mouth and I knew she wanted more. I felt her pussy over her bikini and I could feel she wanted it. I looked at my friend who was now watching us and asked him if he was cool with it and he nodded, pulling his camera up and asking if we minded. We both shook our hands and well, we got on with it.

Letting my friend see my wife’s breasts was unnerving but my wife was really ok with it, she was so wet the second I undid her bikini strap. My friend stood taking pictures, we could both see how hard he was through his swimming shorts. He was loving this. I always knew he had the hots for my wife and now he is going to get the full performance.

My wife’s pussy was bald aside from a small strip of hair, she had had it waxed a few days prior. I loved touching her, making her feel good. Letting my friend get an up-close and personal picture of her pussy. He could hear just how wet she was because he kept on smiling as he took the pictures. He loved seeing my wife like this, totally unreserved, and willing to do anything.

Her pussy was making a squelching noise as I fingered her, she was so wet. My friend slowly moved his cock from his pants and he was touching himself, watching me get my wife off.

I decided to show him her pussy, ask him if he thought it looked good? He told us it looked amazing that I was a very lucky man.

My wife got onto her front and I showed my friend her ass, he stood stroking his cock, watching me undress her for him.

My wife was so wet, she loved being watched so it seemed and she was definitely showing off for our friend but I didn’t mind.

I teased her pussy and ran my finger over her ass, making her moan and become even wetter. She was loving every second of this and even I felt like it was surreal, stuff like this doesn’t just happen to everyone.

I got undressed and he took some pictures of my wife’s ass. She was loving the attention he was giving her and as he put his camera down, he touched himself more, his cock was throbbing, desperate to cum, and to join in but we just wanted a photographer for now.

My wife moaned loudly, I knew we were alone on this beach but you can never be too careful. I told her to hush but she didn’t listen.

She loves being fingered so I touched her pussy slowly at first, building up speed and using my fingers to pleasure her, making her moan. I noticed she was also making contact with our friend as he touched himself, it was seriously hot.

She was so horny and wet she told me she didn’t want to cum yet that it was my turn for some pleasure. I knew she wanted to show our friend her blowjob skills, but I couldn’t blame her. She loved sucking cock.

If you want to see part 2, let me know if you like part 1. I am actually quite nervous releasing these pictures but my wife loves looking at them and we figured it was a great time to share them. If you do recognize us please keep it to yourself, this is a big deal for us and we just want to share our pictures with likeminded individuals. Thank you.


  1. holy fuck this is amazing. wish i had been at that beach

  2. I have read this so many times and my cock gets hard each time, can twait for pt 2.

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