Day At The Beach – Part 2

Thank you for your feedback on part 1, we have decided to release part 2 and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Our friend isn’t actually a swinger, we were just three horny friends participating in a little bit of voyeurism, we just wanted to get off, and fortunately, one thing just lead to another and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

My wife took my cock into her mouth, I knew she was going to show off her blowjob skills and I truly couldn’t blame her, she made my cock feel like it was weightless and the tastiest snack she had ever tasted whenever she got near it. She licked all off all of my pre-cum and began licking and sucking the tip, moaning and making noises as she did so.

She instantly began taking my cock down her throat, just like she always does. Using her tongue to run along the edges of my shaft and teasing the entire thing inside of her mouth and throat.

She was sucking my cock hard, playing with her nipples as she did. She could taste my pre-cum leaking off the tip of my cock, sucking it all down her throat.

I was close to the edge and I still wanted to fuck her for our friend and so I pulled out of her mouth and made her suck my fingers, my pre-cum was all over her lips and I wanted her to taste it. Her legs were wide open, my friend could have easily touched her but he didn’t, he just watched the show unfold, touching himself.

My wife loves the taste of my cock. I knew she wanted to suck my friend’s cock but I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

I was desperate to fuck my wife, to feel her warm pussy closing itself around my cock, I wanted my friend to see what it looks like to fuck my wife, to fill her up with my cock. (We use a condom because she isn’t on BC).

My wife steadied herself on the rocks and I went to town on her pussy, starting slowly before building up my speed and pounding myself into her.

I loved knowing my friend was watching us, getting such intimate pictures. He was touching himself faster now as I fucked my wife he played with his cock, touching it to the slapping of my balls against my wife’s bare ass.

Out in the sunshine on our own secluded beach, life felt so good at that moment. Hearing my wife’s moans as I fucked her, my friend jerking himself off watching us, getting to see my wife’s body for the first time. I did think to myself that this would probably change things but I didn’t care right there and then.

My friend touched my wife’s breasts, he squeezed them and my wife moaned as he jerked himself off. I was ok with that and my wife loved it too.

I didn’t realize my friend was taking photos of us in this position, I thought he was sat down watching us, turns out he got these intimate shots.

Our friend held my wife’s leg open, holding it down as he touched himself. He ran his hand up and down her leg, she moaned louder and I fucked her harder.

I could feel my wife’s orgasm building, her pussy was clenching around my cock and I was having to close my eyes shut in order to stop myself from cumming.

He squeezed her breasts again, he wasn’t focusing on taking pictures now, he was too focused on her nipples and pulling on them. He then ran his hand down to her pussy and played with her clit as I fucked her, still touching himself and now feeling for himself how wet she was.

If you would like to read part 3 please let me know so that I know if you are still enjoying this! I have loved sharing our journey with you and my wife is really getting off on it too, all of this has brought back so many memories for her and she has brought her possibly having a threesome or some sort of experience like this again.

I just have one question, would you have joined in with us?


  1. Ihave been waiting for pt 2, absolutely great. I am starstruck

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