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A brief description of my wife: She's from Texas, she loves animals, she's a vegetarian and she loves running. She is also very kinky, which of course I love. Her favorite sex position is 'cowgirl' and something I love about her body is her gorgeous plump pussy.

What do you think of my new wife? We are recent newlyweds and the honeymoon phase is far from over.

This is her fooling around on our bed last night.

She got waxed just a couple of days ago and wanted me to take pictures of her.

We've been married for a few months now and although I was warned sex would dry up, that has not happened, it has in fact got better since the wedding.

When we first started dating a couple of years back my friends were all just as besotted by her as I was, she has a very flirtatious nature but luckily for me, it was me that she wanted, the others she just liked to mess with.

When I took these pictures she asked if I would share them, I told her it would give me the greatest pleasure to share her with likeminded individuals.

When she heard that, she then got out her dildo and started using it.

She told me she was warming up for me and that I better be ready for her.

Now, this dildo is about 9 inches and within minutes of using it, she had every last bit inside of her.

Would you be able to say no to this pussy?

She pulled me over to her after this picture and made me put the camera down. I took turns in her ass and her pussy while she used the dildo in whatever hole I wasn't using, she's kinky as fuck.

What would you do to my new wife? Would you ever share her?

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  1. What a fantastic little pussy, i’m a female and so I know how much your bull is going to love it. Would you ever play with a bi hotwife?

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