Cheating On My Wife With The Nanny (My Story)

Work commitments, busy schedules, and hectic lives mean that my wife and I had to get a nanny. It was a strained decision, neither of us was sure if it was a particularly good idea but after many arguments, we decided it was for the best. 

My wife didn’t have much interest in the selection process so we just told the agency to send the best girl they had and boy did they deliver. 

She was hard-working, great with the kids, always on time, and had an amazing body that I couldn’t help but stare at when she was bending over or when she turned up in her tightest clothes. She also had an amazing personality, always made me laugh, and knew how to have an actual conversation. Yes, my wife started getting jealous but I guess we have a different kind of marriage because although jealous she was intrigued about our nanny liking me too and we even had wild sex once after talking about a threesome and me fucking our nanny behind my wife’s back. We have an open relationship and swinging, cuckolding and ‘cheating’ is always on the cards for us, so long as we talk about it.

Our new nanny wasn’t interested in me, she did her job and went home. My wife didn’t see it this way, she was convinced that our nanny had the hots for me and as much as I denied this, I couldn’t help but to become excited and slightly aroused at the idea. 

The Day Our Nanny Came Onto Me

The Day Our Nanny Came Onto Me

I came home from work early, she was cleaning up in the kitchen. She stayed and cleaned the home during school hours, she always did a great job. I walked in and she greeted me as she always did with that warm smile, offering me a coffee. 

I sat down on the couch and she brought me the coffee, asking how my day was. I caught her eye and told her it was all the better for seeing her. She blushed and carried on cleaning the kitchen. I watched her from the corner of my eye, her tight body reaching up high and taking such precision in the things she was doing, she was so hypnotizing, I wondered what she looked like naked. I wondered what her nipples looked like, I wondered if she enjoyed it hard or soft, I wondered if her pussy was shaved or bald. 

I could feel myself becoming erect thinking these things and so I headed up to our bedroom, I had to get these thoughts from my head but I knew my wife would be a very happy woman if something did happen.

I was looking out of the bedroom window trying to calm my thoughts and channel my energy elsewhere when I heard a soft knock on the door. Our nanny walked in and asked if everything was ok, I told her yes and she just stood there and that’s when I just couldn’t help myself. I walked over to her and asked her if everything was ok, she said yes and smiled at me. Her petite frame begging at me to give her attention, I moved a strand of hair from her face and she thanked me. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she shook her head, without saying anything I brushed my finger over her tit and she didn’t react but she had a spellbinding look in her eye, one that I wanted to see when her lips were wrapped around my cock. 

I began pulling her top down and over her shoulders, exposing her breasts. Finally had seen what they looked liked and they were everything I had imagined, pert, and perfect. I grabbed at her tits again and bent down to kiss her, letting my mind run wild. I quickly glanced at the time, we had a few hours. 

We kissed for some time, all of the sexual tension my wife had noticed was true. We made our way to my bed and lay down next to one another, kissing one another and grabbing at her breasts. I wish my wife had been home and been able to peep through the crack in the door.

I pulled off her shorts and pulled down her panties noticing her perfectly shaved pussy, her pussy lips glistening from being so wet. I took out my cock and slid inside of her, it was a push at first, I couldn’t get inside, she was so tight but I did eventually and it felt amazing. She lay there, taking my big cock, calling me ‘sir’ the whole time. She had her head on my wife’s pillow and I couldn’t help but think about how hot this was and how much my wife was going to love hearing about this.  

We fucked hard. 

I pulled the nanny onto my lap and fucked her in a sitting position, moving my hand around to her behind and slipping my finger near her ass, she curved her ass so that I could enter her. She moaned as my finger slipped inside of her tight ass, my cock begging to release its seed inside of this tight, kinky nanny. 

There was now a wet patch beneath us, I was hoping my wife would notice it later on and then question about me about what went on. I was going to tease her with every detail.

I knew I was going to cum so I pulled out of her and forced her onto her knees, she loved it, she loved her hair being pulled. Who knew my nanny was so kinky? She took my throbbing cock into her welcoming mouth, spit dribbling down her chin, and before I knew it I was cumming into her throat and she swallowed it like she had done that before. 

She licked her lips and thanked me. 

We left the bedroom and continued our day. I told my wife everything when she got home and she was jealous but so turned on and wanted to hear everything. She masturbated listening to my recall of events and after that, I did make sure to come back from work early more often and when I did we had a rule that she had to have her breasts out at all times and be ready for her master to fuck her whenever and wherever she was in the house.

Who knew my wife was right all along? 


  1. Thank you for sharing, that was phenomenal. Your wife is so naughty.

  2. My hubby is a cuck so he wouldn’t do this, it would be me fucking the nanny.

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