Cheating On My Boyfriend With His Colleague

I have been with my boyfriend for years now, we were good together, great even, but last year he cheated on me. He wined and dined my best friend and they slept together countless times, I only found out because they took pictures of their affair and I happened to stumble across the photos. Her on her back, my boyfriend’s cock inside of her, them both smiling and laughing as they posed for the pictures in some hotel room.

Seeing these pictures was a hard pill to swallow but I forgave him because guess what? I knew I was going to do it back to him. I wanted to fuck and take pictures of myself of me with somebody who has a bigger cock than him and someone he trusts and that person happens to be a colleague of his who I have had the hots for years now. The best part is publishing them here for all to see.

He made me open my legs for the camera before he began fingering me and worshipping my clit.

I took his cock deep into my mouth, his throbbing cock filled up my tight throat. I had never felt a cock this big before, my boyfriend never made me gag and his colleague’s cock was making me splutter as it was pushed to the back of my throat.

We got undressed he loved my small breasts, my boyfriend always wanted me to have bigger breasts. I got on top of him and began pushing his hard cock into my tight pussy, it felt so good as it felt like it filled me up and pushed up against my g-spot, I had never felt pleasure like it.

We began riding each other hard, his balls were slapping onto my ass as I was riding him like a pornstar. I had never been this wild before, my small breasts bouncing everywhere as I fucked my boyfriend’s colleague so hard that we were both breathless.

We decided to change positions again, me on top and facing the camera, I really wanted my tattoos in the pictures so that when my boyfriend found these pictures he was definitely sure it was me. We began fucking like this for some time, my pussy was coating his throbbing cock in my juices. He spread my ass cheeks and played with my ass as I was riding him.

I love this close up of me riding him and grinding on him as if my life depended on it. His big hard cock felt so good inside of my tight dripping wet pussy.

I got onto all fours, my boyfriend’s favorite position. His colleague loved it too as he grabbed onto my waist and fed his cock inside of me. He was making me moan and scream out his name, I felt incredible.

I was so wet at this point, I just wanted to stay in this position forever. I could feel every inch of him and he was now shaking and gasping in desperation to cum.

It was difficult to have his whole cock inside of me because my pussy is so tight and small but we did it and once it was in my body thanked me.

Thankfully our camera caught the cumshot, I asked him to cum all over me. I wanted to smell of his cum, I loved the sensation as the warm liquid coated my petite torso.

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  1. Your boyfriend deserved it. I bet he cums all over himself looking at these photos of his precious gf and friend

  2. Your tits are driving me wild, I am jerking off like crazy over you.

  3. You go girl! Your story made me so wet that I read it to my husband and now he is rock solid 😉

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