Sharing My Wife (First-time Swingers Part 2)

It was scary, nerve-racking and we were both filled with anxiety and guilt in the moments leading up to it but the pleasure and excitement outweighed all of the emotions during the meeting with this man. Afterward, he had left was a different story but I will get into that later on.

Sharing my slutwife with a stud – Part 1

My wife and I are big fans of wife swapping. I brought the idea up to her a few years ago now and expected it to be shot straight back down but she was intrigued by the idea and even warmed to it virtually instantly.

Anybody Else A Young And Intrigued Swinger?

Although young and not what most people would expect when we say this but we are actually swingers and exhibitionists. We enjoy group sex with other couples and singles and we enjoy putting on a show for cuckolds or just anyone who may happen to see us.

Pictures from our last nude resort getaway

My girlfriend and I decided to go on vacation last year but we wanted something a little out of the ordinary, we didn’t want the usual beaches and hotels, we wanted something different.

Mature Wife Getting Ready For Swinging (Rate Her)

My wife loves being the center of attention, she loves everyone’s eyes on her. We got into swinging because of her cravings and it’s been the best thing for us. These pictures were taken before we headed off to one of our events

can you help out some excited first-time swingers?

We saw a submission a few weeks ago titled “Anybody else a young swinger?” and it made us think about how sexy it was and how much it turned us both on. We talked for hours and hours about swinging, the reality of it, and how it would change us as a couple.

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