Don’t Tell, This Is My Friend’s Girlfriend

Inspired by this membership my female friend and I wanted to share our tale and some naughty pictures that we took one dirty weekend with you all. She is actually my good friend’s girlfriend which still feels a little weird for me to say.

The Biggest Cock I Have Ever Sucked

My stud is bad. When we first started hooking up he didn’t think it was important to tell me just how hung he was, he didn’t bring it up…

On And Off – Part 2

We loved sharing ourselves a few weeks ago, it was a great high for us both and so we wanted to do it again.

What I Wore To Our Friends Cookout (Before)

I wanted to share a little something with the membership that my boyfriend and I love so much. A glimpse into our sex life and what goes on for us behind closed doors, the things that people think other people are up to but we actually are.

I guess you can put it in my ass

My cuckold boyfriend and I thought we would give you another treat, a glimpse into what it’s like to fuck my tightest, kinkiest hole… my ass. I need a man to really fuck me down there, not my cuckold bf any longer.

His GF Took My Whole Dick Down Her Throat

I met this couple online, she wanted to meet other men and he wanted her to explore and lo and behold his darling girlfriend and I fucked on the first date after a romantic meal in an Italian restaurant…