Thinking about making my butt a BBC-only hole?

We check out this membership every single day and we love the idea of sharing my girlfriend. It seems like it would really work for us and we are both incredibly intrigued and excited about trying something new and opening up our lives in that way.

My Girlfriend Cuckolds Me With Another Woman

This is a story about how there is always a silver lining to any sad event. About how there is always a little ray of light in the dark, and about how there is always something positive to come from every breakup.

My New Crotchless Body Stocking, Do You Like It?

I love this membership! This is now my third submission (I can’t believe it! – This is my first submission and here is my second). Delivery of an order I had made days ago just turned up at my door and when I opened up the packaging and tried it on I just couldn’t help myself from showing it off.

If I was your wife would you let me go out like this?

I got it online and when it arrived I thought it would be the perfect shirt to go out in for some dinner and some drinks. I feel it really flatters me and it would be perfect to wear on a hot summer evening, don’t y’all think?

The biggest dick I’ve ever had (Will he fit inside me?)

Our friend George has a real big fat cock, it’s not just a mouthful that I have to try and handle but my pussy has to try and handle him too, it feels so sore and stretched after we fuck but luckily, I love that feeling! It makes me feel so satisfied and it gives me intense pleasure to be reminded at work or just around the house of the sex we have just had.

What do you think of my girlfriend’s 24-year-old pussy?

This is all very new to us. We stumbled across this membership and loved it and whilst scrolling my girlfriend got the urge to join in and post something of our own. We talked it through but insanely horny and wanting to do something new, we wanted to submit something straight away, and what better way to do that than to show you, my girlfriends, incredible pussy?

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