I Was A Cuckold For My Girlfriend (Lesbian)

My girlfriend (Alana) and I have always been a bit ‘out there’ in the bedroom, anal, pegging, BDSM, fetishes, and just about anything you can think of have been tried by us. The night I met my girlfriend she fucked me and when I say she fucked ME, I mean it.

My Arousing Experience Sharing My Girlfriend

Turns out my girlfriend really gets off on the idea of you all checking her out and so she let me release the rest of the pictures of her with another man. It was a great experience for us all and I have been thinking about letting her fuck more people

I Am A Little Whore, Aren’t I?

Landing after a short flight still doesn’t make it any easier when you arrive at an airport you don’t know. People everywhere, hustle and bustle wherever you turn and confusing signs that seem like they are leading you in circles.

My Wife Fucking Her First Big Black Cock

A few years ago she came to me and told me that she would love to open our relationship up and perhaps try cuckolding. We had dabbled in threesomes before so opening things up again wasn’t going to be too much of a daunting task for us.

Sharing My Girlfriend In Her Cute Bikini

I like to share my girlfriend with other men, what can I say? I enjoy being a ‘cuckold’ or in an open relationship, whatever you call it, I enjoy her getting off with men who aren’t me and reporting back to me with her experiences. I enjoy knowing she is banging someone else whilst I am stuck taking pictures or in the corner of the room.

What Happens In Vegas…Stays On The Sheets

We go to vegas once a year, we spare no expense and we really let ourselves go, no friends know the real reason we go to Vegas, we meet strangers and meet up with people we have met the year before and we really let our hair down.