Sharing my slutty wife with my buddy, I get the lifestyle now!

It was my wife who initially brought up cuckolding and the hotwifing lifestyle to me. I had very little knowledge on the way it all worked and when she first told me that she was turned on by it and had actually explored the lifestyle a little with an ex…

A day in the life of my hotwife – Part 4

My wife is enjoying being fucked by her bull and he is desperate to cum. She has already cum once but I suspect she has been having mini orgasm throughout the entire evening because she keeps coating his cock in juices and screaming out his name.

She Isn’t My Wife

In fact, she’s not even married but she is in fact somebody’s girlfriend, a long-term girlfriend and just to be clear on things, she isn’t mine.

Sharing my slutwife with a stud – part 2

It was time for this stud to feel inside my wife for the first time, I masturbated watching as he flicked at her clitoris with his tongue before spreading her legs and pressing his cock against her.

What my weekend looked like

My weekend was some people’s wet dreams, including my own. It was a lot of fun and I am fully aware of how lucky I am.

Happy Anniversary To My Wife

My wife and I are into the lifestyle (swinging) and have been for a few years. There came a point where we weren’t getting any younger and instead of watching our sex life fall to bits we decided to start swinging.

Sharing My Wife (First-time Swingers Part 2)

It was scary, nerve-racking and we were both filled with anxiety and guilt in the moments leading up to it but the pleasure and excitement outweighed all of the emotions during the meeting with this man. Afterward, he had left was a different story but I will get into that later on.

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