My Wife Cheated On Me

My wife Jenny and I were high school sweethearts. We got married immediately after graduating from college. We had a very solemn wedding ceremony in the garden of a restaurant in our hometown.

She Isn’t My Wife

In fact, she’s not even married but she is in fact somebody’s girlfriend, a long-term girlfriend and just to be clear on things, she isn’t mine.

I Watched My Friend’s Wife Masturbate Part 2

She smiled and began rubbing her hands over ass before pulling her tiny panties to one side and showing me her ass and pussy hole. John had told me all about what anal actually felt like and how much she loved it and it’s all I could think about.

I Watched My Friend’s Wife Masturbate

Well here’s a story I never thought I would share, I never actually wanted to share it with anyone but reading the stories here on the cuckin membership and seeing others share their intimate moments made me say ‘fuck it’

I Kindly Fucked His Girlfriend For Him

I am not a bull in my real life, it was just this one time but it certainly opened me up to the idea and really showed me a whole world of fun that I was missing out on.

Cheating On My Boyfriend With His Colleague

I have been with my boyfriend for years now, we were good together, great even, but last year he cheated on me. He wined and dined my best friend and they slept together countless times, I only found out because they took pictures of their affair and I happened to stumble across the photos.

Fucking a Slut Hotwife for the first time

A work conference that I was attending was being held in the beautiful Las Vegas Nevada, I wasn’t going to decline the offer to go. Heck, I didn’t really need to be there but it was an all-expenses-paid trip and I loved Vegas.

I Am A Little Whore, Aren’t I?

Landing after a short flight still doesn’t make it any easier when you arrive at an airport you don’t know. People everywhere, hustle and bustle wherever you turn and confusing signs that seem like they are leading you in circles.

Cheating On My Wife With The Nanny (My Story)

Work commitments, busy schedules, and hectic lives mean that my wife and I had to get a nanny. It was a strained decision, neither of us was sure if it was a particularly good idea but after many arguments back and forth about it, we decided it was for the best.

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