Which Hole Would You Like To Taste?

I am back home now for the summer and it’s sad I won’t be going back to college for ages. I live at my parent’s house, it’s been weird moving back here but it has to happen and it’s only temporary, which is what I keep reminding myself.

I Like To Fuck Beta Males

Hey, my name is Raye, I have been apart of this membership for ages and decided it was time that I shared my own dirty little secret.

Third Date With Sex Kitten From Fetlife (Update)

I told her about the comments she had been receiving about her pictures and about my journey with her and she was really eager to please me once again and show you all what a great sub she is becoming

The Second Hookup With My Sex Kitten From Fetlife

If you have any ideas on how I could train her, let me know. She’s open to anything, she loves voyeurism, domination, and being a sub and we’re going to be training some size play sex toys soon.

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