Before/After Anal With My Bull

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my pictures with you and hear what you thought about them in the comments below. My bull and I always wanted to get better at anal sex. My ass was so tight that it was so hard for his dick to get inside of me and I could only manage a couple of inches before I couldn't take any more.

My husband couldn't help as his dick is a whole lot smaller than my bull's and there is virtually zero effort for him to get it inside of me. I wanted to be stretched out by my bull in a way that left me uncomfy and aching for him.

I love butt toys, anal penetration, and anything to do with backdoor play, I just have never had a bull that is as hung as my current bull.

The size of my ass compared to his dick has made it so hard to get good at but this year we wanted to master it.

This is the fifth week we have really put lots of effort in and made sure to do all of the right preparation and slowly but surely we're starting to get the hang of it and I am proud to announce that his dick is finally able to get inside of my ass.

We make sure to do loads of foreplay and I put in a butt plug for around 30 minutes before we try anything. We do lots of foreplay during that time and since doing that I find it easier to slip his dick inside of me.

Sorry about the weird angles and the positions, my cuck husband found it really hard to take a picture of anal sex that looks even slightly flattering and this was the best that we could do. He also was getting himself off as he took them so a lot of pictures had to be put into the trash.

I was already warmed up really well and so my bull only needed to push gently and he was in.

He did a few shallow thrusts and it got to the point where a lot of his cock was inside of me.

At the start, it's always slightly uncomfortable, but once I stretch myself out it becomes very enjoyable.

Today, it took about 5 minutes of going so slow, before he was able to get as much of his cock in as you can see in the picture below.

My bull kept on thrusting and I was moaning heavily which got my bull all worked up and he couldn't hold onto his orgasm any longer. Knowing he was virtually all of the way inside of me, finally, we had done it, and mixing that with the sensations of anal and the whole scene before him made him cum, something he can usually hold off for a long time.

He slowly pulled himself out of my ass once he had come and I was left stretched out and in need of some love.

My bull then fucked my pussy and made me cum, kissing my asshole from time to time. My cuck husband watched on, his mind-blown seeing my stretched out asshole, knowing he would never get a chance to go in there or do those sorts of things to me.

I am nervous to be sharing this experience but I suppose there's a first time for everything!

What do you think of my cucks picture-taking abilities? What would you do if you were him or my bull? I want to hear it all.


  1. yummy stretched out ass, i would like to be in your husbands position and watch your bull stretching out your ass and fucking you with his big fat cock

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