Bathtime With His Girlfriend – Your thoughts?

As usual, he was downstairs, her boyfriend of 5 years that is. He lets us fool around in their bedroom for as long as we like, so long as she tells him everything, I leave a mess for him to clean-up and we take some pictures from time to time.

On this particular evening, she and I decided to have a romantic bath, knowing her boyfriend would hear the water running turned her on and she was really excited to share such an intimate moment with me. She ran a big bubbly bath and proceeded to get undressed. Just watching her peeling off her clothes, bending over to the test water, and seeing her body as she slowly inched her way into the hot water was making my prick grow harder by the second.

Just as she was about to submerge herself I asked her if we could get some pictures of her for her boyfriend and she agreed and that’s when I got some of the best pictures in the entire world of his girlfriend.

She was shy at first, posing with her back to me, her ass being concealed by the copious amounts of bubbles she had added into the bath.

She laughed as I rubbed more of the suds onto her. Her ass looked edible, in fact, all I wanted to do was to eat her ass at that very moment.

She bounced her ass for us, getting more of the suds onto her body. I pulled off my own pants and sat naked, taking these intimate photos of her.

Let me let you into a little secret, she is heavily into roleplay. She enjoys it when we act out different scenarios, she gets really into character and she won’t mind me saying that her favorite roleplay that we do is when we act out that I am her college professor and she is my student. I am a little older than her anyway so it really works and she always cums hard whenever we do it.

To start really getting her into the mood I decided to put on my best professor’s voice and lure her into the roleplay. I started by telling her what a bad girl she was, how students shouldn’t be in locked bathrooms with their professors. She was instantly turned on and sold on the idea and she began falling into the acting, putting on her cute voice and acting all coy.

“Sir, does it bother you that I am all wet and soapy in the tub?” she said, batting her long eyelashes at me. She spoke a little louder, hoping her boyfriend would be able to hear us.

“I guess I should get dressed sir, it’s wrong for a professor to see their student like this”, she said, rubbing bubbles over her trim torso.

My prick was rock solid and she glanced down at it before smiling up at me. “Am I turning you on sir? You know that’s against school rules, don’t you?” she said, her eyes wide, biting her lip.

“It’s just you’re such a good student, I wanted to congratulate you on the marks that you get”, I said. She yawned, pretending to be unfazed by my obvious erection.

“Get in here with me professor”, she said teasingly, gathering up a whole bunch of bubbles and pretending to throw them at me. She looked so sexy, her bald pussy just visible, her small tits perky and hard.

“I know it’s against school rules but I need your help in this tub, I can’t figure something out. Would you mind?” She said. I wanted to get in more than anything but I also wanted to tease her for a little while longer, I know how much she loves pretending to be my slutty student.

“Why don’t you show me how you play with that pretty little pussy of yours?” I said. She instantly stood up and turned to face the wall, as if ready for a spanking before playing with her wet pussy.

She moaned softly as she played with her clit, her moans echoing through the bathroom. I touched myself too and said, “That’s it, good girl”.

Her ass is so peachy, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her knees began to buckle slightly as she got more into fingering herself.

I stood up and sighed and said “Okay that’s enough, I’ll have to do it myself. You have been a very bad girl miss and you need to be punished”.

I put my camera down as I spanked her ass, her boyfriend would be able to hear her moans, her hands pressed up against the wall. She cried in pleasure as I spanked her again and again before ordering her to follow me into her and her boyfriend’s bedroom. I lay her down and parted her legs, diving my tongue between her bald pussy lips. I made her cum and as she squirted all over their sheets I spanked her again before pushing my cock into her ass and making her thank me for being such a good teacher to her.

What do you think of her? Do you like our roleplay idea? Do you think her boyfriend would mind?

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