Anal Training Her To Fit Every Inch Of Me (Bull)- Part 2

If you haven’t already make sure to read part 1 of this submission to really get the full picture.

Just to recap: This woman is not my wife or girlfriend, she is just someone that I play with and someone who I like to call my ‘hotwife’. I am a bull and her actual lover wants us to meet and try all of these kinky things together and stretching her asshole out for my cock is just one of those things that we both wanted to try out and do for her boyfriend.

My hotwife was so turned on, she was desperate to fit my cock inside of her. She was helping me by spreading her ass apart and taking every inch of the dildo. I loved watching the butt plug disappear inside of her and then come back out again.

I had never seen my hotwife this turned on, she was practically begging me for my cock and she never said things like that in the bedroom.

Getting this shot of her ass all stretched for me is my screensaver. It’s so hot. She was ready for me at this point, her first cock in her ass.

I was so hard which probably didn’t help me trying to gently squeeze my cock inside of her. I pushed myself in inch by inch she was moaning louder with each inch.

We had to keep stopping as her ass got accustomed to my size and girth, I was taking her anal virginity and it felt so good.

Once I was all the way inside I could finally start thrusting, she made me go real slow at first before her ass was stretched enough and I began thrusting faster.

It took everything inside of me not to cum, I couldn’t believe I was inside of her ass and she was enjoying it as much as me.

I asked my girlfriend to show me her ass, seeing it all stretched out from my cock was magnificent.

I could barely contain my excitement to go back inside of her and it was easier the next time, her asshole had stretched out, ready to take me inside of her again.

She moaned out telling me how good my cock felt inside of her ass and hopefully, you can understand how hard it is not to cum after you have heard those words.

I couldn’t help it and I blew my load inside of her ass, she pushed it out of her and I watched as it dribbled down and onto her little pussy.

Doing anal with her was amazing, I am honored to have taken her anal virginity and I know her boyfriend was very pleased with her gaping asshole too. I can’t wait to do it again with her.

Would you fuck my hotwife’s ass too? What would you do to it?


  1. Nicely done. I would get my whole tongue in there before stretching her out with my fingers and then my cock.

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