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Nervous, Excited, and A Worldwind of emotions (My First Time Being Shared)

It took me so long to find the right man to be shared with. Whenever I thought I had found someone they would do something that made me unlike them.

Hotwife Dares (Week Sixteen)

Every week we are going to be releasing 7 new hotwife video dares.

My wife had a great time with one of my out-of-town friends 😋 (She didn’t want him to go home)

My wife is an insatiable woman, she loves sex and she especially loves sex with hot guys. I knew she would like my friend when she met him, they hit it off straight away and my wife was on her knees before he knew it.

Wife’s First Time With A Hung Guy

It had been a while since Ben and I had done any threesome cuckolding, I had been missing it badly

Your wife and your best friend disappear at a party

You went to a party around your best friend’s house. You had lots of fun with all your friends. The night was coming to an end and most people had left, you all of a sudden realize your wife and best friend have been gone a while.

My Holes Are Tight, But Trust Me They Can Stretch (What Do You Think Of Them?)

I loved posting my first submission, it made me so horny. This time I wanted to show more.

My Wife’s Last Boyfriend

The wife openly told me everything there was to know about her last boyfriend when I enquired.

Should I Leave?

This is getting way under my skin and I need some advice. My name is Todd, and I’ve been a cuckold for the past 2 years.

Her First Big Cock, Was It Too Big?

My girlfriend has been busy lately, out playing with a lot of different men but we found that during her slut journey, she actually hasn’t really been tested with a big cock yet, that was until now because all that changed recently.

Hotwife Dares (Week Fifteen)

Every week we are going to be releasing 7 new hotwife video dares.

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