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My Holes Are Tight, But Trust Me They Can Stretch (What Do You Think Of Them?)

I loved posting my first submission, it made me so horny. This time I wanted to show more.

My Wife’s Last Boyfriend

The wife openly told me everything there was to know about her last boyfriend when I enquired.

Should I Leave?

This is getting way under my skin and I need some advice. My name is Todd, and I’ve been a cuckold for the past 2 years.

Her First Big Cock, Was It Too Big?

My girlfriend has been busy lately, out playing with a lot of different men but we found that during her slut journey, she actually hasn’t really been tested with a big cock yet, that was until now because all that changed recently.

Hotwife Dares (Week Fifteen)

Every week we are going to be releasing 7 new hotwife video dares.

We Got Carried Away In The Sex Club

Maddie reached up to fix her shiny black curls, looking at herself in the mirror. She gave her hair one last spritz of hairspray. Anthony came down the hallway, already ready to go.

My girlfriend [29] is too shy to find the right bull, can you help?

My girlfriend mentions hotwifing every day and we still haven’t managed to do it yet. We have had threesomes before but they weren’t anything like what we want now.

He Seduced My Wife Into Fulfilling My Fantasy

“So let me get this straight. You get off on watching another man fuck your wife,” Sean said, his voice sounding shocked. “I mean, how, Max? I don’t understand. Whatever floats your boat, but man..”

Which of these cuckold scenarios is your favorite to clean up?

We’re back again, you need to pick one of these scenarios in this video to enjoy, even if you hate clean up.

Another couple dares to try the glory hole

I’m back again, I think this is our fourth submission now!

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