A fun night with my best friend and girlfriend – Part 2

I recommend you reading part 1 of this story, it’ll give you much more insight and show you just how we got ourselves into this situation.

During her Titjob I decided it was now or never, I leaned forward and I asked them both if they wanted to take things a step further. My girlfriend looked up at me, this wasn’t part of her plan, I wasn’t meant to be enjoying this as much as I was.

My best friend said, “Sure, I would love to take things further”. She looked at him and then back at me quizzically, she pouted her lips before speaking and she said: “I would love to feel your best friends hard dick inside of me, I just don’t want you to join in”.

She wanted it to sting me, she wanted me to be a mad little cuck but I just nodded, I told her that was cool with me, I loved to watch, I pulled down my pants and I began playing with myself, I told them to enjoy themselves. This wasn’t part of her plan but she would settle for it, she wanted to show off for me, show me how much better he was than me, and whilst it felt strange, it felt like the best porno I had ever seen in my life.

He went down on her, getting her ready for his big dick to squeeze inside of her. She moaned louder than she does for me, saying his name, again and again, trying desperately to make me jealous but it just made my erection harder.

She pulled off the remainder of her bikini and when she was ready he began slowly sliding his dick inside of her. She moaned with each inch, breathing deeply, tightening her walls around his dick.

She looked at me and bit her lip as his dick penetrated her, filling her up. She said breathlessly “Wow, I have never had a dick so big, you have completely filled me up”.

She told him “fuck me raw” but I knew from our days of living together that if he fucked her any faster he would blow his load far too soon. He loved the dirty talk though and so did I.

She was playing with her clitoris as he pumped inside of her, I rubbed at her nipples and she completely ignored me, still desperate for that jealous cuck reaction out of me.

She moaned with every thrust, whispered his name, and urged him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk. She was desperate for his dick, loving every second of this, trying to make me feel inferior when really I had the upper hand here.

I played with my own cock as I watched them change positions and get into doggy style. He thumbed her ass before pushing his dick into her tight pussy.

Doggy style is my favorite position and she only did this to try and make me jealous but really it was just a better view for me. Seeing him squeeze his way into her tight pussy and push his thumb into her ass had my pre-cum leaking from the tip of my dick.

She begged and screamed his name, desperate for him to fuck her harder. I stroked my cock faster, watching this unfold in front of my very eyes.

They changed positions again, I knew he couldn’t last long in doggy. He always did shoot his load too quickly and he was clearly trying to impress my slutty girlfriend.

He plowed into her, the smacking noise audible throughout my entire house. His balls slapped into her and she moaned with every pump, in and out he went, getting faster and faster, her pussy getting wetter and wetter, my hand moving faster and faster over my dick.

She shouted “Cover my in your cum, I want to feel it on me”, He pulled out of her at the very last second and began coating her with his cum, spraying her down and she moaned as every last drop coated her. As he came I came too, my cum squirting out and some of it hitting her, the rest coating my hand.

They both lay there panting, his cum drying all over my girlfriends torso. Seeing it glistening in the light was a glorious sight to see.

So, what do you think? We are still an item, we still aren’t exclusive and it’s been a few weeks since this happened. My best friend and I are still as close as ever and we haven’t even really brought it up. All I know is that cuckolding is most definitely on the cards for me.

What would you do?

Neil <3

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