A Day In The Life Of My Hotwife

My wife and I are quite underground with our lifestyle, we don’t tell people what we like to get up too and we don’t plan on doing that either. We have been doing this for a few years now and we love the hotwife lifestyle.

For us, it means my wife will fuck men bigger than me and I get to watch it unfold. It may sound strange to some who don’t understand the lifestyle but for us, it’s how we get our kicks and when she is done with her ‘bull’ (the name for her dominant man), she comes and tells me all about it and we usually fuck afterward so I can feel her pussy after it been all used up by someone else, someone bigger than me.

I have never ever shared our collection before but I think it’s time, I want you to see how hot it is and how much fun we have. My wife is totally ready for this too and she was more than happy picking out which pictures we were going to share of her and her favorite bull.


I take all of the pictures, to remind myself and my wife of the great time she had. I love looking back at the pictures and masturbating, knowing how turned on my wife was, and how much fun she was having with another man. They forget I am there as I am snapping pictures and getting off watching them together.

My wife has a gorgeous vagina, she is so tight, even after fucking her bull. I love seeing him finger her, getting her ready for his big cock. Knowing he is going to destroy her.


I have never ever shared my pictures before, they were for my eyes and my wife’s eyes only but after talking it through my wife and I decided it was really sexy to share them and to allow people online to see into our hotwife lifestyle and what we get up too.

She loves being fingered, my wife gets off so much to it and her bull does it so much better than I do. He leaves her screaming and moaning for him, forgetting I am even in the room with them. I don’t know how he does it but he possesses some sort of power of her pussy that I just don’t have.

My wife acknowledges me sometimes, she tells me how good it feels to have a real man know how to fuck her and stimulate her vagina in ways I could never do. I sit and watch, my prick rock solid, and my camera lens focusing on the events unfolding for me. I take in what he is doing to her and at that moment I swear I could cum without even touching myself.

He dominates my wife, using her pussy up and making her do things she would never do for me. She is such a slut for him and I just love watching her perform for him, her legs like jelly as he touches her and makes her weak.

She always tells me how much bigger his cock is than mine, how much more it satisfies her. I believe her because she cums whenever she rides him, something she never does with me. He loves it when she sucks his prick, he tells my wife to take it deep, as deep as she can go and she does so, happily.


  • Should I share my wife?

It was the best thing to ever happen to me. My wife and I have never been happier and it was just what our relationship needed. However, it can be hard. You need a lot of trust between one another and it isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t deal with jealousy and if you can’t even fathom the idea, it isn’t the lifestyle for you.

Your wife will have sex with hotter, sexier and men who are far more well-endowed than yourself. That is part of the turn-on for me and my wife and for a lot of people inside the hotwife community, however, it just isn’t for everyone.

  • Has she ever fallen in love with someone else

No, my wife has never fallen in love with someone. We are VERY honest with one another, we have to be, and if she feels as if she may be having the kinds of feelings we talk about it and we iron out the issues. She would tell me if she ever felt that way as our relationship works because of the communication and the dynamic we have going on. She cares a lot for her bulls but love hasn’t come into the question.

  • How often do you share her

We have regulars that we play with around once or twice per month. This is enough for us to do regularly and it keeps it exciting. We also attend hotwife events from time to time which obviously can bring the numbers up.

  • Always Condoms?

Yes, we always make sure the people my wife has sex with use condoms. However, sometimes this rule does change if we’ve been playing for a while.

  • Do you have sex?

Now more than ever, she sometimes stays wet for 3 days after, and at that time we have more sex than some people do in a month. Also when she is playing with her bull she has sucked my cock before and even let me go inside of her whilst he is in her ass or mouth, it all just depends on the day and the bull we are playing with.

  • Is There Anything She Won’t Do?

My wife is into almost everything, the only thing she isn’t happy to do is anything to do with scat fetishes or hardcore humiliation.

If you liked this I can do part 2, let me know and I will share more of my private collection with you all.


  1. Would love to see Part 2, really enjoyed this, incredible lady you have

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