A day in the life of my hotwife – Part 4

If you haven’t already make sure you are up to date by reading part 1part 2, and part 3.

My wife is enjoying being fucked by her bull and he is desperate to cum. She has already cum once but I suspect she has been having mini orgasm throughout the entire evening because she keeps coating his cock in juices and screaming out his name.

My wife is having the time of her life with her bull and I have taken some of the best pictures ever. It’s like watching it on replay again and again.

At this point he needed to cum but he just wanted to feel her ass first, I knew he did, he kept touching it and teasing it from the second they were together. The problem is I did say my one rule was no ass play.

My wife turned to me as he was playing with her hole and pleaded, begging me, telling me it felt so good for her. I was so turned on and I agreed, he could fuck her in the ass. I am glad I let it happen, it was so hot to watch and my wife loved it.

Her ass was tight, we never do anal but from the look on her face and from how wet her pussy was, she was loving every inch of his cock inside of her tight ass. He thrust slowly at first, touching her nipples and her body as he gently stroked his cock inside of her ass.

Her ass accommodated his cock and he began increasing the speed of his thrusts, stretching open her tight hole. He was growling as he fucked her, making loud animalistic noises and my wife was moaning in delight and pleasure.

The slapping of his balls against her bare ass began again, he was fucking her and enjoying every inch of her, making me so jealous, my wife was telling me how I could never give her this much pleasure and how worthless I was compared to her bull.

My wife told me how good he felt in her ass, how she could feel him throbbing inside of her.

He pulled out from my wife’s ass and pulled off his condom, telling her to suck him, she did as she was told and she took his entire cock down her throat, something she refused to do for me. I could hear her slurping and spluttering on his cock but nothing stopped her from taking it all and sucking it dry.

He touched my wife’s body as she sucked his cock, playing with her clit and her nipples, making her moan as she took his cock down her throat. I swear I could see his cock actually in her throat as I took the pictures, she had swallowed it all, all that was left were his balls. He squeezed her body, feeling every inch of her.

And then he just couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to cum and he wanted to leave a mark on my wife, just as I had requested. I wanted to clean it off when he was gone so he made sure to do it in a place that would degrade me.

He came all over my wife’s face, shooting loads inside of her mouth and coating her chin and lips with his seed. My wife panted and slurped it up as he recovered from his orgasm. I was stood in total awe, I couldn’t wait to feel my wife’s stretched out pussy and ass after he had left.


  • Do You Get Jealous?

Not jealous in the normal sense but the feeling of being left out yes. However, that’s all part of the excitement for me. I enjoy being told how much better a man his than me, I enjoy the humiliation aspect of it and I like to see my wife enjoying another man.

  • Why Did You Break Your ‘No Anal’ Rule?

These things happen! It wasn’t a rule set in stone and my wife really, really wanted it. I didn’t want to ruin the fun and it just means it’s all stretched out for me after he has left!

  • Was This Her Favorite Bull?

I would say she definitely has the most hardcore fun with him. He is quite rough and she enjoys that with him. It’s just a different type of fun for my wife.

  • Do People In Your Real Life Know?

Nope! and we intend to keep it that way. This is our kink, our relationship and we don’t want anyone we know to know because it’s none of their business. This is what we do in our private lives, we both get off on it and it’s fun for us.

  • Is Your Wife More Dominant Than You?

Actually, my wife is more of a submissive, just in these scenarios, she takes control over me. In our real lives, I am dominant but it’s so much fun to switch things up and keep things alive.

  • What Happened After He Came?

He cleaned up, we said our goodbyes and that was it. I then went back to our bedroom and fucked my wife, feeling her used up pussy and ass, smelling his cum on her, and fucking her senseless. We slept well that night!

If you have any more questions for me or for my wife just leave them below and we will get back to you.


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