A Day In The Life Of My Hotwife (Part 2)

You seemed to love part 1 of sharing my hotwife and so I decided to make a part 2. Lots of you asked me to show you her with her bull, telling me how much she seemed like she was enjoying herself with him and you’re right, she loves fucking him and I get to take the pictures!

I am going to show you deep into our world, no judgment here please, I really enjoyed sharing my first set of photos and I want to share more with you.

This Is Her With Her Favorite Bull

She takes his cock so well, she always just takes the tip of mine, claiming it’s nowhere near as fun as his. He plays with her as she blows him and his fingers are always creamy when they come out of her vagina.

He loves feeling his cock go down her throat, she always splutters when he does this. Her bull knows how to make her horny and remember him.

I love this shot of my wife, I blew my load when I first saw it. At this point she was begging for his cock in her pussy, begging. All she wanted was to feel him inside of her and he was taking his sweet time in giving it to her.

You can see just how much she loves his cock inside of her, she always cum so hard from him and he just knows how to work her body.

He told her he couldn’t cum, he told her to keep it in, to enjoy this. She was moaning and panting, he was thrusting into her slowly but with force, jamming her vagina with his thick cock.

He increased his thrust speed, going quicker inside of her. Playing with her nipples and gently squeezing her throat as he fucked her, my wife’s orgasm was so close, I could see she had even forgotten that I was in the room.

Her bull was pleasuring her in ways I could never and my wife was quick to tell me that.

I love seeing in these pictures his thick prick filling up her tight vagina, it stretches it out and leaves her a wet, slippery mess. She never cleans up after he has left, leaving me to fuck her with his residue left behind.

He always says how much loves my wifes breasts.

Her bull fucked her so hard right at this point, making her tits bounce and her orgasm was building and building, she was on the brink of eruption.

At this point she was cumming, thick loads of her cum coating his cock. My wife was trembling and shaking as she came, he told her to quieten down but she couldn’t stop, she was electrified with pleasure, I had never seen her cum this hard.

Once she had cooled down it was his time to cum…

If you want to read part 3, let me know as I would love to share more of my wife’s adventures with her bull.

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