25yo And Doesn’t Want You To Hold Back

New year, new me, right? Well, this new year my girlfriend and I decided it was time we opened ourselves up to this world. It's been a turn on for us for years and finally, we are here.

We are totally new to all of this but my girlfriend and I wanted to do it, we have never done anything quite so nerve-racking but there has to be a first time for everything, right?

We think this will be a great starting point for us so here goes nothing!

This is my girlfriend, she is 25 years old and a very horny girl. We were both really nervous about posting these pictures but she wants to show off to you and she wants me to know that there are people out there enjoying her body. It turns us both on the thought of other people enjoying her digitally.

Her ass is gorgeous, I love it when she wears tight pants and in public, I can watch her ass and know that later on that night I get to unpeel them pants and enjoy her tight little ass.

We have recently started exploring her anally, she is so tight in there. She loves it when I get myself in fully but I can never last long, it feels too good.

She told me to ask you if you would like to taste her pussy? It's sweet as pie. I love licking it and tasting all of her juices, would you like to try it?

Fingering her tight little pussy and then rubbing her own juices over her ass is one of my favorite things to do.

My girlfriend is so wet knowing I am uploading these pictures right now, right after we took them we fucked hard, she was riding me as if she had just met me and I knew it was the thought of you scrolling through these pictures that were getting her off.

I love her in this position, especially when she is hovering over my face.

Are you ready to see the most gorgeous tits you have ever seen? I could masturbate just thinking about them alone. Her sweet tits bouncing in front of my face give me life and I know she loves it when she doesn't wear a bra in public and people glance at them.

Amazing, right?

What would you do to her if she were sat in front of you like this? She wants to know everything.

My girlfriend loves nipple play, sucking and pulling on her nipples always brings her close to an orgasm and it has even made her cum a few times.

She is a dirty little whore but only for me and luckily, only for you now.

My girlfriend only let me submit these photos to get her off, let her know what you think and she will let me release more. Let her know what you would do to her, how you would fuck her and she will make herself cum reading your comments, she's such a naughty little slut.

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  1. I would suck on them delicious big nipples as I fingered her to orgasm in the backseat of your car

  2. We are very lucky getting these pictures. Thank you. Her body is divine, I would love to play with it all night long.

  3. i would fuck her tight asshole, stretching it out with my cock whilst you watch

  4. I would fuck her on all fours, you willl be on the other side of the room watching us. She will be moaning louder than you have ever heard before and cumming all over my dick.

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