Making My Cock Disappear Into My Neighbors Girlfriend – Part Two

Hopefully, you saw our previous submission on here. My neighbor Gab, her boyfriend, and I have a sweet thing going on and Gab and I love to blow off steam together with her boyfriend’s eager approval, and thankfully for me taking my cock is like an instant relaxer for her and she can’t get enough of it.

My Husband Has No Idea Of My Slutty Past

Me and my husband have been together for almost ten years now and I think it’s safe to say that we’re doing great as a couple. We met through our mutual friends and hit it off right away. In my mind, it feels like it was yesterday, even if we have had a house and two kids since then.

Asian Guy Borrows My Girlfriend

Whilst searching for someone new to play with my girlfriend came across a bull who was looking for some new experiences. He was upfront and honest that he was new to cuckolding and we wanted to show him a good time with my girlfriend.

Fucking My Best Friend’s Wife

We are swingers. I just wanted to put that out there to dry up any confusion and to set the tone for you. We met at a swinger’s retreat and we have been great friends ever since, strangely we live only a couple of streets away from one another

Asian Hotwife Has Her First White Cock

Watching my darling wife with this young stud was outstanding. He was in awe of her body and my wife showed him a real good time. She was very happy trying out her first non-Asian cock.

My Mouth Is Always Open

I am a taken woman but that doesn’t stop me from craving young, hot, BBC (I could never ever go back!). Luckily for me though I don’t have to suppress my urges and my boyfriend knows how much I crave and adore BBC cock

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