Girls Only Vacation Without Our Husbands

While I was packing my bags, I started to think about our old times. Me, Cathy, Anne, and Alex, always together. We went to school together, had a blast at college, and now, four grown women going on a girls trip 10 years after! Back then we were so carefree, funny, and flirty and it was time to get away from all the troubles at home.

Still getting my BBC fix after starting a family

I’m hoping there are some hotwives out there who can relate to my issues. Since starting a family being an ‘open all hours’ hotwife has become nigh on impossible. I have to schedule and plan every meeting and even then I find myself canceling a lot because I have other arrangements that come up.

Watching My Girlfriend With An Older Bull

We found him online and he ticked all of the boxes. He’s a lot older than us and so before my girlfriend and he set a date for fucking, we all decided to meet for a drink first just to check we were on the same page and it’s safe to say that they really hit it off and the chemistry between my girlfriend and him was electric.

Good Sex In A Crappy Motel

Crappy motels have been used for moments like this for many years. My wife, feeling frisky and looking for some adventure found a hot, young stud to come and enjoy her in one of the dated rooms in the motel.

We Three Have The Best Fun!

Unlike a lot of people that submit posts like this, it may come as a surprise to some of you reading here that we aren’t dating. Me (Lori), my friend Freddie (in the submission), and Shane who is behind the camera are just friends who basically fuck.

I Listened To My Girlfriend Cheating On Me

My girlfriend and I are both in the same college. She is studying literature. I study economics, so we don’t get to see each other very much. We’ve been together for a year now, we’re both 22 years old, and our relationship has always been very explosive from the start.

Thinking about making my butt a BBC-only hole?

We check out this membership every single day and we love the idea of sharing my girlfriend. It seems like it would really work for us and we are both incredibly intrigued and excited about trying something new and opening up our lives in that way.

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