This is the biggest dick I’ve ever had

Hi! I’m Elena. I’m from Mexico originally, my boyfriend is called Jacob and he is from the USA. My boyfriend and I like to think of ourselves as quite adventurous and kinky. We have been to sex parties and he likes to share me, It’s actually quite hard as a woman to find a guy so open to sharing and the hotwifing lifestyle so I know I am very lucky.

Cucks need love too

In this video I had just been shared with my bull and been fucked for hours on end while my husband watched, he didn’t cum, so after my bull was done it didn’t matter how tired I was I made sure that my husband got every drop of cum out of his balls.

Cuckolding My Boyfriend With My Neighbour

My boyfriend is a massive cuck and this week he has been punished and so sex is off the cards for him but I was still feeling particularly frisky. So with my pussy all shaved, my body ready and my mind focused on having sex, my mind of course wandered to dirty things…

Sucking A Cock As A Dare

I was 27 at the time and horny. My boyfriend and I wanted some fun, we were tired of Tinder and tired of the same guys to choose from, we wanted to do something spontaneous and when my cuckold boyfriend dared me to suck a randomers cock I jumped at the chance.

Las Vegas Hotwife Enjoys My Hung Friend

I’ve been a cuck so long now that most of my friend group knows (at least the kink positive ones), the truth is I love sharing my wife with random bulls, but for me, the closer the friend or emotional connection to the person she’s fucking the hotter it is.

My Girlfriend Won’t Stop Until She Is Fucked

My girlfriend has been driving me wild with all of her pleading and teasing, she is insatiable. Her cravings for sex and being shared are through the roof and since I have been working from home it makes her want to distract me 24/7 so that I can fuck her and find her someone to fuck.

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