Why I Pierced My Pussy And Nipples For My Bull

I had my nose pierced as soon as I could and then my belly button. I had my tongue pierced when I left home and whenever I would give a guy a blowjob I would be showered with compliments

My Girlfriend Getting Ready To See Her Bull

My girlfriend and I wanted to submit something to our favorite membership, after immersing ourselves in everybody else’s content, we thought it was only fair to give something back.

His Wife Lets Me Do What I Want

He and his wife are complete and utter submissives for me. They do exactly what I ask and submit to my every request and demand.

What I Wear To My Swinging Parties

My ex and I used to attend all of the best parties, we would find them advertised on popular fetish forums and websites and travel all over going to the hottest spots that week. Unfortunately, my ex and I broke up but I still had a craving for these special parties

My Mature Hotwife Is Not New To This

My wife and I have been apart of this lifestyle longer than some of you have probably been alive! We have enjoyed cuckolding, hotwifing and even swinging since before it was so mainstream. When it was still a huge taboo to enjoy and admit too. My wife and I used to attend all of the … Read more

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