Had A Holiday Romance With Another Couple

We are young swingers who enjoy lots of fun whenever we can get it. We like to enjoy lots of leisure on vacation and head to places where we know we are likely to meet people like us.

My Girlfriend Was The Popular Girl

This is my girlfriend on holiday at our cabin with a guy she’s been playing with for a few months. He came up overnight and will be back for the end of our holiday break. My wife had a lovely time, she was all relaxed after this and it was a wonderful start to our … Read more

My girlfriend is preparing for double penetration, any advice for us?

You may remember my gorgeous girlfriend from our last few posts. We want to find her first-ever bull, she is so ready now and since we tried anal for the first time she wants to try stretching out her little pussy and asshole so that me and her bull can enjoy her at the same time…

My Wife Wants To Know What You Think – Part 2

Sarah showed us the emails you sent and Reading through your messages and seeing people love our photos like we love others has been such a great experience and my wife Lily wanted to show you some more of our private collection.

Fucking My Bulls Uncut Cock Infront Of My Cuck

You may remember me as the gal who showed you and told you what it was like to suck an uncut cock. I told you that if you wanted it I would show you too what it’s like fucking my bull’s uncut cock and whilst unquenchably horny the other day we decided to capture exactly how it is.

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