A Look Inside Of A French Sex Club

We have a special relationship with this club and so my wife and I were allowed to film. We love going to this club, there’s something for everyone, it’s so welcoming and everyone is really respectful.


Cumming in public is a different kind of thrill, it feels so naughty and I always cum harder outside than I do when I cum inside now. Isn’t that strange? It’s like my body knows where she wants to be.

I Love Being A Slut Outdoors With My Stag

It was my boyfriend’s idea, kind of. He wanted to know what my stag and I got up to when we go on our little days out and we thought why not make it memorable for him by taking some evidence?

The Moment AFTER I Became A Hotwife – Part 2

The car pulled up and there was a knock on the door. My husband answered it as I stood waiting. He entered the room and greeted us both, he was really attractive and a really nice guy too.

Should I Share Her – Part 3

We’ve come closer to the lifestyle and I’m slowly working on my Premature ejaculation, it’s been a pretty intense few months and the closer I get to fully sharing my girlfriend the more emotions that arise.

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