Getting shared with one of my husband’s friends

We LOVE this membership, we are always here scrolling through and enjoying the content. We love seeing all of the different submissions and being kinky and open ourselves we decided we would share a window into our sex lives too.

I’m A Naughty Wife And It’s Freeing

We are yet to find anyone to join us for the evening, although I am not a picky person they still have to be right for the both of us, and waiting that little bit longer will be worth it so that we find someone that suits our needs.

What My Indian Wife Looks Like Naked (Will You Fuck Her?)

My wife is literally the girl of my dreams, I don’t know how I got so lucky finding her but I did it somehow. She’s kinky, fun, and open to trying anything, including posting some of our intimate pictures here in the hopes of finding a prospective new bull.

Join Our Morning Fun – Part 2

We posted a few weeks ago of my hotwife giving me some of the best head. Well, it didn’t stop there and as promised we wanted to share some of the other pictures we took that beautiful Saturday morning.

Really Want To Find Someone To Join Us For The Night

I love the thrill that sharing my intimate photos gives me, sharing myself so openly with strangers from all over the world. My husband always tells me how beautiful he thinks I am but reading it from people I don’t even know is a whole other feeling.

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