Should I Share Her? – Part 2

We decided to shoot another video. The last one changed a lot in our relationships and launched a few much-needed conversations…

What I Wore To Our Friends Cookout (Before)

I wanted to share a little something with the membership that my boyfriend and I love so much. A glimpse into our sex life and what goes on for us behind closed doors, the things that people think other people are up to but we actually are.

I guess you can put it in my ass

My cuckold boyfriend and I thought we would give you another treat, a glimpse into what it’s like to fuck my tightest, kinkiest hole… my ass. I need a man to really fuck me down there, not my cuckold bf any longer.

Should I Share Her?

We’ve been together a while and talked about sharing her a few times. She has a pretty decent history of guys that’s she’s been with and I get off on her telling me about them.

His GF Took My Whole Dick Down Her Throat

I met this couple online, she wanted to meet other men and he wanted her to explore and lo and behold his darling girlfriend and I fucked on the first date after a romantic meal in an Italian restaurant…

On And Off (My Wife & I)

My wife and I have been really struggling lately to find the right couple to play with. We are bored of the same routine, the same types of people…

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