I Watched As My Wife Fucked Another Man

We found the right man via a dating app, set the date and so it was settled that he would come to our house and fuck my wife whilst I sat helpless in the corner watching as she enjoyed his body and he got to enjoy my wife.

He Made My Slutty Wife So Wet – part 1

I’ve always dreamed of sharing my beautiful wife with a bull. The problem was that my wife would always shut down the idea. After years of not bringing it up my wife on a random night confessed that she wanted to fuck another man and after lots of questions, she told me she knew the exact man she wanted to fuck.

This Video Was Made For My Hubby

I am so lucky that I have such an understanding and cuckold loving hubby, he lets me sleep with whoever I want so long as I record it…

First Time Ever Sharing Anything Like This

I got my boyfriend to take pictures of my bull and I whilst we were fucking. I was so nervous to actually put our pictures out there but I knew it was going to be such an amazing thing to look back on.

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