He made my wife squirt

My wife loves sex, especially with guys as hung like this one. She makes them feel so good with her tight pussy and fantastic body.

My New Boyfriend Made You Hard

Background: You have just bumped into your ex-girlfriend, she is looking incredible as always and you are just about to find out that she is fucking someone new. You jerk yourself off listening to what she has to say about her new man, your mind is racing, you can’t believe this is your ex and how horny you are knowing she is getting her pussy pounded by someone new. She is in total control, teasing you and making you jerk off to her new sexual experiences.

Try Not To Cum Challenge (JOI)

This is our exclusive cuckold try not to cum challenge, we wanted to make it as difficult as we could (sorry) to really put our wonderful members to the test.

First Try On The Sybian

Ok, so this feels slightly weird, filming and putting my girlfriend out there for all to see. I bought one of these machines, it was expensive but absolutely worth it.

Before/After Anal With My Bull

My bull and I always wanted to get better at anal sex. My ass was so tight that it was so hard for his dick to get inside of me and I could only manage a couple of inches before I couldn’t take any more.

I Didn’t Know That My Husband Answered…

Background: Your slutty wife has been out for the evening whilst you waited at home for her, she thinks you didn’t pick up her phone call but you did, it connected, she has no idea you’re on the other end listening and you can hear everything. You listen in to her fucking her new friend, getting off with him and cumming hard. What do you do, jerk off and listen to them together? of course, you do.

I Had To Call You And Tell You About The Guy I Just…

You wife calls you from a little get together that she has attended, she starts telling you what she has gotten up too with her friend and she knows you like it. She begins jerking you off through the phone, telling you what to do and what to think, all whilst you’re at home and she’s out getting fucked.

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