Rate My Hotwife And Her Perfect Tits

My wife and I are childhood sweethearts, we got married when my wife was 21 and I was 23 and although people said we were young, we knew we were meant to be. We have now been married for two years and they have been glorious

Letting my friend try my wife for size (No condom was used)

I never imagined asking my wife in a jokey way if she would suck my friend’s dick to actually come to this. It all started one evening, we had a few friends round, kicking back, chilling out. My wife and I were mainly with one friend of mine, he’s funny and cool and my wife and he get along really well.

I Watched My Friend’s Wife Masturbate

Well here’s a story I never thought I would share, I never actually wanted to share it with anyone but reading the stories here on the cuckin membership and seeing others share their intimate moments made me say ‘fuck it’

Pictures from our last nude resort getaway

My girlfriend and I decided to go on vacation last year but we wanted something a little out of the ordinary, we didn’t want the usual beaches and hotels, we wanted something different.

I Kindly Fucked His Girlfriend For Him

I am not a bull in my real life, it was just this one time but it certainly opened me up to the idea and really showed me a whole world of fun that I was missing out on.

Mature Wife Getting Ready For Swinging (Rate Her)

My wife loves being the center of attention, she loves everyone’s eyes on her. We got into swinging because of her cravings and it’s been the best thing for us. These pictures were taken before we headed off to one of our events

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